Cakeman - Silvermoon EU is one of the few consistently active daytime raiding guilds in Europe, and to my knowledge has the earliest starting raid times. We raid 1100-1400, Tuesday-Wedsnesday-Thursday.

We were 4/13 HC in ToT and easily 4/14 in SOO, while we are still refreshing the raid a bit for the new patch. We are currently recruiting a non-absorb healer (Shaman, Druid or Monk) an agi tank (Druid / Monk) and 1 or 2 quality ranged DPS (would LOVE a Warlock). We try to carry a slightly larger team than traditional 10 man night team guilds because day raiding is tougher to have consistent attendance with - we'll always consider any quality players who match our playtimes.

If you're interested, please PM me here or visit our website at ... you can also contact Vadimo, Zoumu or Buffmaster in game on EU-Silvermoon.

- - - Updated - - -

We are still recruiting one non-absorb raid healer. R-Druid would be perfect, but R-Shaman or Monk would work too.