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    What would you pay for ghastly chargers skull?

    Here is the mount:

    It is on my AH for what seems to me like a cheap price and i am considering buying it to resell. Can you guys just chime in and say what you would be willing to spend on this mount, thanks!

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    Nothing. That is one ugly mount.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nnelson54 View Post
    Nothing. That is one ugly mount.
    Agreed. Soooo shiny...sparkly.

    What price is it, OP?

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    Well, if you're asking us per person, I personally would pay no more than 10K.
    I dont think thats what you wanna hear, but you asked.
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    It is 140k in the AH, i think i can make 40k or so. Thing is i only have around 300k total and dont wanna have to hang onto it forever lol.

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    I don't think risking tying up half of your cash in one flip is a good idea.

    Also, that thing is ugly. Is that seriously an in game item made be professionals?

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    Wouldn't use it even if i had one.

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