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    Poor guy should've been the new warchief. I'd prefer him over Vol'jin any day.

    From a simple auctioneer to the warchief of the Horde.... what a promotion that would be

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    Quote Originally Posted by roflwaffle View Post
    he hates everyone
    He loves Thrall, Beer, and Dorothy
    "Oh, who does my hair? You might have heard of my stylist. It's called the Void!"

    "No matter how much you plead I will not sprout tentacles or turn into a giant eyeball. Well, I might. But not because you asked!"

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    RIP Thathung.

    Trump this, Trump that

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    Rest in peace, Thathung. You were an inspiration to us all.

    *begins sobbing as it begins to rain. A small orchestra begins playing the "Rains of Castamere" from nearby* Truly, only the good die young. *and sheds a single tear as he walks away from the coffin*
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    He moved up the ranks only to be slayed by us in his mis guided ways. Thathung you will be missed deeply and dearly my friend
    Chaos! Madness! Like a hug for your brain!¯\(°_o)/¯
    Quote Originally Posted by Alpheus View Post
    People doing below 200k dps? Ain't nobody got time for that.
    Quote Originally Posted by smartazjb0y View Post
    Why? Why should content be gated behind skill?
    14/14h and finally done

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    because blizzard are d**ks to orcs now, thats why.
    Well, for once I agree with you Trassk. Seems like Blizzard took a big dump on one (of the two) core races of the franchise. If they don't understand that this is a stupid move that only bites them in the ass then I think Blizzard lost all touch with reality. Past this point it wouldn't really matter anymore if Orcs are even a playable race anymore, they're basically all exterminated. Playing an Orc character is defying reality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Blade View Post
    But he hates the Alliance...
    To be fair I hate the Alliance, and if it wasn't for my buddies being Horde, and the fact that I'd have to give Blizzard money after the stunt they pulled, I might've actually put on that Blue Tabard Wednesday night.


    Thathung he was...
    good night, sweet prince.

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