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    Gold proving grounds as prot pally

    Considering that stats get scaled down to 463 ilvl, is the haste build viable or do we have to get a different set of gear for gold on the proving grounds?
    Seems to me like a more deffensive gear build would be suited better for proving grounds only.
    Can you share your thoughts on this? I only tried gold once and got to wave 6 or something but I made a few mistakes cause I didnt know what the new mobs did.

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    It's only 10 posts down and he explains everything quite nicely. It's Endless but that applies to Gold aswell.
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    You don't need to gear differently, just for Gold knowing the mobs helps a lot as you can prioritize. Be warned, Wave 10 is a killer and you will likely need to pop everything you have on that wave when the two Conquerors enrage. I think I had about 10 tries before I somehow managed to live through it.
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    Please use the thread Riemu linked for proving grounds.

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