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    Burden of eternity.

    I tried imbuing a 384 lfr token with this(just to checkout,I canceled it soon after), and it seemed to work.Aren't they supposed to work only on timeless isle tokens? Will it upgrade that token to 535?

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    You can start casting it on Timeless Curiosities aswell, but after casting you will get an error and will keep your Burden of eternity and your Token.
    Guess it's the same deal with the LFR Token.

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    Doubt alot of us are running around with DS tier tokens :<. Use yours, for science, to get the answer?

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    if you let it finish it will say "cannot appile to selected item" or something along those lines... if you try out you an acturlly make it cast on pretty much anything in your bag including items alrdy discovered from timeless isle... but only items not discovered will consume it and upgraded

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    * I meant hof lfr tokens 483 or so.

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    it wont work. tried it on an excellent haste mastery cloak i identified which turned out not to work once its been "discovered" o well.

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    It wouldn't work on trinkets, either. I was disappointed, to say the least.

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    It can be cast on any item, but it will only succeed on the Timeless tokens.
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