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    5.4 Noxxic / Raidbots Dps Charts

    I am confused. I'd like to play my feral druid if anything, but one shows feral being on top and the other shows them at the bottom of the list...
    Which of these is considered more accurate? I'd hate to spend a bunch of time on a class and realize it doesn't have much potential to bring to the table. I just don't know what's more accurate.

    I'll create a poll for curiosity sakes. Which is more accurate? Noxxic's page using Simcraft or Raidbots using WOL.

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    Neither is perfect but I suspect you have answered your own question in your post...
    ...Noxxic's page using Simcraft or Raidbots using WOL.
    The first is based on theoretical DPS, the second is based on reports of DPS from logs of actual fights. Simcraft is a useful tool but it's JUST a tool and only vaguely resembles reality imho.

    Your mileage will vary - but I'd be very VERY wary of trusting anything based on theoretical results over real ones.

    Edit: And if Frost is the top PvE DPS spec I think I may have to shoot myself.
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    Play what you like. The game is more enjoyable when you start ignoring pointless theory crafting (at least outside of the capacity of tuning classes).

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    I would imagine that actual data (i.e. WOL) is better than theoretical data (i.e. Simcraft) since the Sim is by definition under perfect conditions, which 99.999999% of the time doesn't happen in actual play.
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    For the lesser played specs (Arms Warrior, Sub. Rogue) the Sim DPS is probably more accurate, WoL will have people experimenting with the spec for the first time or people who simply haven't mastered it. For the majority of more widely used specs I think you gotta go with WoL since it's actual fights.

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    Just take WoL top100 data with a grain of salt, since those top dps can get lots of buff love, nevertheless it is more accurate than theoretical dps - some classes depend on the fight heavily. Also not all fights are about single target dps.

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    You want to play your Feral Druid?

    Then here's my advice:

    Stop being a tool who basis his personal merit off of some high-end end-game DPS numbers and just play your class, do decent dps, and have fun. Who gives an absolute iota of fuck about what class is doing the most high-end DPS, except shallow idiots who get depressed when they don't see themselves in the top 3 DPS spots of a raid that's two tiers old by the time they're doing it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nobleshield View Post
    I would imagine that actual data (i.e. WOL) is better than theoretical data (i.e. Simcraft) since the Sim is by definition under perfect conditions, which 99.999999% of the time doesn't happen in actual play.
    Noxxic has several "realistic simulations" that put in incorrect timing on priorities, no pre-potting and movement. While it still may not actually be "realistic" it's pretty accurate to what you see when a heroic geared player would show up in LFR and eat the meters.

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    Noxxic is terrible, so automatically Raidbots wins. Neither are perfect though.

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    Raidbot is based on Logs, but logs dont always give a realistic representation of what a class can do, because most top people padded hardcore on things ( like people did on madness HC )
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    Simulators generally calculate DPS under optimal conditions. I would be more inclined to trust statistics generated from logs because they factor in fight mechanics. Just because a frost mage can out-DPS everyone when parked in a corner whaling on a test dummy doesn't mean they're going to out-perform the feral druid when they have to interrupt their rotation every 10 seconds to obey a mechanic and/or move out of bad things.

    That having been said, unless you're putting together a team for a world-first boss kill you should just play what you like to play as long as you do so to the best of your ability. Note that the 536-geared combat rogue at the bottom is still out-DPSing the 528-geared frost mage at the top by quite a bit. If you stack your raid with the very top DPS class you're going to be farming gear for much longer to accomplish the same DPS as other groups who have a good mix of classes.
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