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    Enchants vs Heirlooms

    Enchants are scaling with level now, so I'd like to ask where can I find how are they scaling? Because I don't know which enchant should I use for my 2h druid mace, mongoose or something else :s maybe landslide scales too? Where can I get more info on that?

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    I also would like to know this.

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    That is a spreadsheet posted by someone here on MMO-Champ. I just googled, "5.4 enchant scaling" and looked for the post if you don't trust the link.

    Note that the link I posted is already set on 2 Handed Weapons, and that you can go back to the index to check all other types of enchants and how the scale.

    From the looks of it, the enchants keep the same numbers from 1-60, then 61 - 70, then 71 - 80, then 81 - 85 and finally 85 - 90. However, unless the enchant was made in MoP, it will not scale past the Cataclysm scaling EVER.

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    the highest lvl wep chain enchant would be best imo, exp translates to hit if your a caster and either way exp and hit are rare as shit low lvl
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    There is a spreadsheet someone made from data on the PTR, though I am not sure how up to date or accurate it still is.
    You can find it at http://goo.gl/YfnWs, the source of it being http://twinking.net/enchantment-scal...#comment-22512

    Edit: looks like a poster above beat me to it.

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