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    Anything that has means extra units to control - Chen, Visage, etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikeyeia View Post
    I just played Chen for the first time.

    Played Chen for the first time a few days ago and that didn't go well.
    I could say Elder Titan, I don't get that hero...

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    Invoker, always mess up the invoke when in panic mode.

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    i think stat wise wisp is my worst, played twice 0.1 kda ratio yeah

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    There are no heroes that I really can't play but I struggle with high level tinker play. I have a friend that gets 15+kills EVERYTIME he plays tinker and I quote "please don't pick him ever again" He gets that travel SO fast then starts to move all over the place I just can't do that. In a teamfight he tp's back to base atleast 2 times and come back, kill stuff and haul ass. I try to do that and I get oom, run back like a retarded kid. I just can't seem to play that way.

    The heroes I don't like playing are (dont necessarily suck, just HATE them): visage, naga siren, chen. The problem is not micro I just can't entertain myself when I'm forced to play those.

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    Wisp. It's not that i suck with him, my skills are so gosu with every hero, its just that im the least gosu with wisp.

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    Meepo. Chen in a strong second. Hate those assholes.
    “The north still reeks of undeath. Our homelands lay in ruin. Pandaria oozes our hatred and doubt. What hope is there for this world when the Burning Legion again lands upon our shores?” - Eric Thibeau

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    my worst hero would be batrider! can't do anything good everytime i pick it.

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    I love Chen and visage. But hell i will never pick meepo

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    Invoker, I always mess up my invokes in the heat of a teamfight.

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    Meeepo, can't micro with him dont know why, so i dont try him now.

    I play with Chen enchant, i am okayish with them, but with meepo, im horrible.

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    As a lot of you guys stated i am also horrible at playing heroes that require to micro their units, so i never play a Chen, Enchantress, Visage and Meepo. Shockingly enough, i play a decent Invoker!
    And apparently to my hero stats i am super awful with Faceless Void, rocking 0-9 at the moment -.-

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    silencer, i really suck at dota2, got like 8hours played. and i ended up playing him earlier, i have never failed at anything more than that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peggleftw View Post
    silencer, i really suck at dota2, got like 8hours played. and i ended up playing him earlier, i have never failed at anything more than that.
    Welcome to DotA 2, the game where becoming average will take you around 500-600 hours played. Except in cases where you have prior experience, like HoN/LoL/DotA 1.

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    ... Clinkz.

    He can go and play with his bones alone, I just can't.

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    Wisp. Definitely wisp.

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    Huskar and Balanar. Whenever I play against a Huskar they never die, they have 10% hp everyone nukes him but he won't die and wipe my team. Same with Balanar I end up feeding when I play these two. Necrolyte and Mirana get a honorable mention.

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    I've thought long and hard about it, and now I have come to the conclusion of...Storm Spirit.
    Which sucks because I kinda like him, but I'm just so terrible at him, I can't seem to wrap my mind around wanting mana regen so much

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