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    Tiny... for some odd reason I cannot use him.

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    this fuckin io is hard 2 play ...
    since u need friends playin with u for train, io in pub sucks tho

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    For some reason Shadow Demon is my biggest loss %. I don't think I play too bad of a support as him, but just dont seem to win. The hero I have most trouble with is Meepo. Gotta go work on my micro!

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    Meepo, cos i dont have multiple heads q_q

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    Out of heroes I've been playing, I would say any of the following 3:

    Shadow Shaman, Rubick, or Abaddon.

    I don't feel like I play them badly, I just don't feel like I have much of an impact on the game ever.
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    I hate pudge Coz i cant hook lol

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    I've had trouble with Meepo as well. Still have not figured out how to deal with controlling multiple units well on Dota 2. In the original, it was not a problem.

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    I would have to say TA, no matter how much I try, I'm just plain bad at her.

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    Usually any hero that relies on RNG, such as Phantom Assassin ,Slardar or Faceless Void, I never get procs and stuff in team fights, but o boy do i get procs on creeps while farming.

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    Injoker, definitely.
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    Mirana. I find most heroes in MOBA to be mechanically not that difficult but I just can't aim Mirana's arrow well. Pudge's hook works just fine for me.
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    I spent a fair amount of time getting competent with Invoker, so now Meepo is my hands-down worst.

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    Techies by a long shot. That garbage hero needs to go away for a while.

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    Spectre, I am not good at farming to begin with.

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    Apparently it's disruptor. I kinda like playing him but my winrate is terrible with him

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    Axe brings the lose!

    My Axe is too soft to survive, other's Axe is too hard to kill

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    I can't micro to save my life so..chen, lone druid, enchantress..and invoker cause I just suck.
    Hi Sephurik

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    meepo and chen

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