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    Tiny... for some odd reason I cannot use him.
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    Absolutely, I can't play for Titan

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    can somone tell me about dota

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    I dont like Meepo and I tried playing as Dark Seer but I literally lost almost every game. It felt like he was underpowered or I had a wrong build idk. But dark seer was fun to play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by khalilinfo7 View Post
    can somone tell me about dota
    It's a BaaaaAaaaad game
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    17% winrate out of 15 matches with Arc Warden.

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    worst - probably earth spirit.... and I never played meepo.

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    Meepo. Hard to control

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    Arc warden, io or earth spirit are my worst
    Not sure why I’m bad at aw even thou I do fairly well as Meepo or other hero’s that you have micro manage other units

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    Meepo is just an APM, micro monster, it's a bit too much for me

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