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    Why a progression guild should take a balance now?

    Balance druid wont take any place in a 25/10 men raid group in a progression (rank race) guild. Blizzard can look at the logs and they will notice that a Balance druid is atm useless. Cause of weak aoe in multidot scenario (the other hybrids are far better), bad singletarget dps (maybe just the initial boost is ok). And in 25 men having an hybrid that could heal some damage is totally useless, since the healing provided by the healers will be more than enough. So thx a lot to make us sit on every fight for the progression phase... it is ridiculous.

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    Progression hasn't even started yet, so what logs are you talking about? On ptr Balance was in very good shape. Either this is a troll thread or you have a very false impression, jumping to conclusions based on none existing facts provided by yourself.

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    I feel like you're trolling, but I'll bite. Moonkin is one of the best specs right now. If Lorgok and Super hadn't quit Method would certainly have ran 3 moonkins.

    If your single target is bad it's because you're bad, not the class.

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    Obvious troll is obvious. I wonder how long until sunfyre locks the thread!

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    At the rate classes and specs are getting benched for under-performing, there's not going to be any classes left to raid with.

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    This thread is most definitely not constructive nor leading into an insightful discussion. Closing.
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