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    US #5 25 man. 1 token. Thursday at 10pm
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    According to Manaflask, there has been an hotfix on Sunday guaranteeing 3 tokens, but only in the US. So far no info on EU, but it still wasn't fixed yesterday (or even 2h ago).
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    EU 25 man, sunday 1 token

    saw this on twitch only a few hours later
    US Guild Duality killed him 3 times and they got 3 tokens every kill

    maybe got fixed in us? not sure

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    We also got one token, US 25 thursday kill but got 3 tokens on our Sunday kill for group 2. I am guessing a lot of the early kills in the US (and all of EU I guess) were bugged.

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    We got 3 from our kill last night (Sunday night).

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    US 25 man, five Garrosh kills, one on Saturday and four on Sunday. Pretty sure we got one or two tokens for the Saturday kill and three for all the others.

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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Fortunately, this only affects a small number of guilds, so we are able to correct the error. We’ll be reaching out to all guilds who only received one token from a successful Garrosh kill this week and providing the Guildmaster with an extra two tokens at random, which can then be distributed to any raid members who were present at the time of the kill.
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