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    Tier sets - Combining LFR with others?

    So, I got on my warrior, ilvl like 445 and ran to the Isle.

    Tapped one of the Celestials and won the Ilivi 550 prot legs (the normal tier I think). Wow! I thought.

    Then I realized I don't raid much and would never be able to get another piece for the set bonus.

    So, if I'm able to run LFR and get a tier piece to drop, does a LFR piece/Flex piece work with a Normal piece to get the set bonus?

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    Yep, works fine provided its from the same actual tier.

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    Exactly what retro said although I would add specialization to that as well for clarity sake. Your normal legs can be used to complete your set even if the rest of your protection items are LFR grade.

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