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    <Name> the Proven Assailant


    Does anybody know if the title "the Proven Assailant" (and the other ones for that matter) are account-wide, or only the character you do it on gets it?

    I think wowhead says that it's account-wide, but wowhead has been wrong in the beginning of new patches before. i'd prefer if somebody who actually has it could tell me that it's account wide


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    I wont be getting that anytime soon, but I think its accountwide because I saw a Warlock with "Proven Defender" title.

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    I know that the Proven Defender title is account-wide, so I'd assume that the Proven Assailant title is as well.

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    Thanks you - what classes do you guys feel is the best one for achieving the title, then - i've got a few, and cba doing it on one that has a hard time doing it if it's easier on some of the other classes

    - and is it doable in full PvP gear?

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    just did wave 67 pretty easily with my DK yes the title is accountwide and from what i can say on wowprogress DKs and mages are best for the DPS challenge

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    Lol legendary solo-artist Raegwyn has posted, I doubt anything like Proving Grounds is hard for you is it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trollfaced View Post
    Lol legendary solo-artist Raegwyn has posted, I doubt anything like Proving Grounds is hard for you is it?
    well i guess Wave 95 was

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raegwyn View Post
    well i guess Wave 95 was
    *we're not worthy* *we're not worthy*

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    I got to wave 44 as a mut rogue with crit reforging (new 2 set hue) and it wasn't too bad. Just need to multi rupture well and pray for procs.

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    I got to wave 34 and I had enough lol. I did it with my Frost DK, I just wanted the title since I knew it would be a somewhat rare title.

    P.S. I will say it was cool seeing my name on Wowprogress.com as the 233 ranked DK for that stuff, I can walk around for a few more days and say I'm in the top 250 of DKs. Nice title bragging right.
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    But yeh it does seem like dk's are the current assailant kings with mages being close.

    edit worded wrong

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    Warlock here, got wave 30 down. As soon as I reached Wave 31 I gave up because it felt like a waste of time to continue further. Just wanted the title, but I reckon I could reach wave 40-50. The hardest waves for me to manage as a warlock was prolly 4-7-10. More than 1 Mogu defender is the recipe for a tough fight for me personally.

    Edit: to actually answer you, yeah it's 100% account wide. I have it on my warlock and scrubby shaman alt.
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    Can't even be bothered to try as enhancement right now, not sure if it's possible without specially gearing for it (replacing my RPPM's will help though)
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