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    Megaman Music. Sonic the Hedgehog music. MLP Fighting is Magic (RIP) had some pretty epic music. Earthworm Jim 1 music, Streetfighter 2 and up. Majora's Mask had some epic music. Rocket Knight Adventures, Scott Pilgrim vs the World. I like 8-bit because I'm an admitted retro fag and everything i named is on my mp3 player.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Getreuer View Post

    So many memories
    Spyro has a solid track list, can't disagree at all there.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jawless Jones View Post
    banjo kazooie
    Literally Grant Kirkhope hit the spot with video game music, he made a stellar soundtrack here and was critically acclaimed.
    Hey everyone

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    just adding to what hasn't been posted yet, castlevania: lords of shadow doesn't get the recognition it deserves. The whole ost is well done and one of the best imo.

    And this recent borderlands 2 song always calms me down and puts me in a trance.

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    Most of my favorites aren't really themes in that they represent the entire game or are orchestral but they are ambient tracks that play in the background while you play and most of them come from my favorite single player games ever.

    My favorite boss and theme because of how epic Quadraxis is.

    My favorite area theme.

    My second favorite area theme. Perfectly encapsulates the vibe of the underwater zone.

    In terms of game themes, thats hard to say. Halo 2 comes to mind, Wow TBC theme, Skyrim main theme, Dark Souls character screen theme, Timesplitters 2 Time to Split theme among many others. Just a few that are absolutely amazing:

    Dawn of War is probably my favorite menu theme. Just so epic.

    Castlevania Bloody Tears

    MM Song of Healing

    Battlefield 2142 Theme is the best of the series imo and the best game
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    Awesomenauts easily has some of the best music atm that's just a delight to listen to, featuring individual character themes and killing spree tracks along with a really awesome theme.

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    Right now, I'm addicted to QuelI->{ein te hyme}; from Surger Concerto: Ciel Nosurge

    I just love Hymmnos songs... I wish I could play the game.
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    Video Game Music Thread

    Well, this'll be a thread where I post video game music I like. You should do it too! It can be like OSTs, or remixes, covers, whatever you want. I'm partial to 8bit stuff myself.

    Here's my first three.

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    By Lieutenant Colonel Whiskers McBallofur Maximilliamus the Third
    This one everyones knows

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    The best videogame soundtracks

    Hello people =)

    Post your favourite soundtrack from any videogame here!

    I myself easily fall for epic, orchestral and emotional or sad soundtracks. You might not be surprised that i highly value Hans Zimmer for his work in movies, and the videogame OSTs he composed are among my favourites.
    If i would have to pick some of the best, it would be those:

    I always shiver and cringe while hearing this one. I HATE german television for using this fuckin insane and brilliant music for a GERMANY'S NEXT TOPMODEL CLIP! ARGH! Nearly destroyed the vivid memories i have of that game, cuz everytime i hear it NOW i see those damn dumb chicks hating each other >,>

    I recently found another OST to be amazing. I literally stayed ages in the main menu to hear this masterpiece. The game itself is great, too, but the music made my week.

    Your turn, guys =)

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    Pretty much anything from wow. Love this peice from MoP

    - - - Updated - - -

    Listening to the mass effect one now. You are right. very good. Never played the games, but i even got chills just listening to it.

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    OR this one from one of my personal favorite series

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    Going to enter 1 more wow one into the thread, then quit. I haven't played many games in the past 5-6 years of my life do to wow.

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    The only video game I ever played that could sport a soundtrack like that with it making sense:

    One of the few games where techno music was fitting:

    Just a beautiful piece in general:

    Despite most of my feelings towards MoP, 0:00 to 2:55 in this one is fantastic:

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    I like pretty much all the mucis in Mass effect 3. gets me all emotional. too many good ones to link on here

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    Mass Effect 3 has the best soundtracks, ever, to me. I loved the Skyrim one too.

    ESO, from what I heard, will have a solid one too.
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    icewind dale 2/neverwinter nights and its expansions and aidyn chronicles along with quite a few classic n64 games still have my favorite soundtracks to date.
    perfect dark,legend of zelda ocarina of time,donkey kong 64,goldeneye,both vigilante 8 games and road rash 64.
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    Many votes for ME3 here =) I have to be honest, this is the only game that cracked me up. It was brilliant. And the music played a big, big part in that. Just beautiful Piano work. To name another one that made me choke:

    Man. Hard stuff. I am actually glad to have talekd to some people who feel the same way i do, because otherwise i would think i am mental Somewhat scary what music can do to me.

    Blizzard Soundtracks are awesome, Chickat. My personal favourite is "Arthas, my son". First time i heard the child sing the melody from frozen thrones ending i got the hardest chills <3 Since the day WoW released i play with its music on. i cant lsiten to somethign different while playing and i hardly understand people who do. For me, this would completely destroy the atmosphere of the games.

    From the ones being psoted so far, the best for me was the skyrim one, very good.

    Thinking about Mass Effect, i remembered the first entertainment media EVER that nearly made me burst in tears...Secret of Mana, on my SNES, being 6 years old. I still remember EVERY single piece of music in that one and can whistle along. This one in paticular was a great one:

    Oh man, how could i forget about secret of EVERMORE? One of the games of my childhood, very similar to Mana. This one had a BRILLIANT OST! Jeremy Soule is awesome <3 This guy made music for icewind dale, elder scrolls, unreal, baldurs gate, swtor, guild wars and, lately, some for MoP!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tombard View Post
    Thinking about Mass Effect, i remembered the first entertainment media EVER that nearly made me burst in tears...Secret of Mana, on my SNES, being 6 years old. I still remember EVERY single piece of music in that one and can whistle along. This one in paticular was a great one:[/video]
    Let's not forget Seiken Densetsu 3! Has some of my favorite music from the Mana series for sure.

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    I'd go for Mass Effect 2 Suicide Mission Theme. I see there are many mass effect lovers here so I'm pretty sure it has already been posted.

    There is ton of good game musics but I can't forget this one. I fucking loved this suicide mission and this music.

    The GW2 theme is also gorgeous (the singer even more ).

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