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    One of them, jeff van dyck does a amazing job on the whole total war serie. Very very sad that Jeff is not the one doing the soundtrack for Rome 2.

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    Final Fantasy Tactics has the best music of any game I"ve played. My favorite:

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    Totally forgot to add this to the list.

    Chorno Trigger: Frog's Theme Song!
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    Hmm, very tough question. I would say that the most influential song would be Body Hammer (by Fear Factory) in Carmageddon (though Demanufacture and Zero Signal are also awesome songs). Even though the song was lyric-less, it's the song that really got me into metal, and is still one of my favorite songs in general.

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    If you like Silent Hill's OST, you'll probably like this.

    I love just about all Megaman music

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    Arcanum by Ben Houge from the Arcanum soundtrack. You can dl the soundtrack, just google Arcanum sound track (sorry too noobish to link yet). Great string quartet music - (except for some of the weird ones at the end which were used for the end dungeon) best thing about that game really.

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    I probably have gone with this before, and it's not really a song (although there are some 'singing' versions of it, which from what I've seen aren't not much cop) but I still enjoy it for easy listening and catchiness.

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    Two words for you:
    Tim Follin


    Find me one other composer that could pull that off with the NES sound chip.

    (He also made some amazing tunes on C64 and Amiga as well, although that's before my time).
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    Your favourite RPG music/OSt/soundtrack?

    ^The list is random but I like Suikoden 3 most
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    Quote Originally Posted by ParanoiD84 View Post
    Yes Loved this one too

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    Its IMPOSSIBLE to take one OST or 1 track. There is just way waaay too many good games with epic music. Chrono Trigger, Silent Hill, MGS, all FF games. Lots of NES, SNES games have nice music, zelda and way more. These days most games have great music

    Anyway ill post 2 that ill always hold high, though ill post one that is an orchestral version and the other one an acapella version which both are epic.


    And I have to throw in this one, pretty much the only good thing about the game
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zanoth View Post
    Yes Loved this one too
    Hehe yes, almost makes me want to reinstall everytime i hear the soundtrack almost.

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    I agree, To Zanarkand is probably one of the best tracks I've heard in an RPG.

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    this song and the part where it occurs just give me chills

    another that gave me chills during the scene

    the whole ost from ff9 but this one in particular
    someone else might have gotten it wrong.

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    I would say Gothic 3 contains my favourite OST;

    I get a strong Max Richter vibe from a lot of the songs in Gothic 2 & 3 which is always nice.

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