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    A <Vi Veri> EU Ghostlands 14/14 N 10 man Recruting!


    All applications will be considered, regardless of recruitment status

    druid (restoration) medium
    monk (healer) medium
    monk (tank) low
    paladin (protection) low
    paladin (retribution) low
    rogue high
    shaman (restoration) medium
    warrior (protection) medium

    Hello everyone!

    - First of all, about us. Who are we?

    Vi Veri is a 10 man progression guild on Ghostlands. The guild was founded on 10/07/2013, but that's not when it started. The core group that forms it (well, most of the roster anyway) comes from Lost, the previously top guild on the server. After a break, it reformed with Mists of Pandaria as a 10 man guild, but with the aim of going back to 25 man.
    Things didn't work out that much, and the guild stopped raiding during May of this year, and we decided that we would go on our way with the 10 best people from it, and form our own 10 man team. At first we decided to join the ranks of Cydonia, a 10 man late night raiding guild on our server and be their "regular" or "evening" raid team. This was because the whole Lost thing happened pretty fast, and since we didn't feel like it was yet time to create our own guild with the hassle of leveling up and everything that goes with it, and also since we knew their leadership very well (Especially their GM, who I've known for years) - we decided to go with it.
    The whole deal went great, no remorse on doing it, but after a while we felt like we've become a good enough team that we needed to create our own identity, thus creating the guild Vi Veri. The rest is history.

    As said before, we basically parted ways with the previous guild with 1/13 HC kills, and a good ~2 months behind in the tier, and all considered we're pretty satisfied on catching up with the server and getting 13/13hc in about 2 months. These are our kill dates:

    Heroic: Ra-Den - 22th July
    Heroic: Lei Shen - 21th July


    Here comes the tricky part. You must understand that for the most part, this is a close group of people. We are always looking to improve our roster, but for the above reason and also because we don't want to have more than 12-13 active people on the team, the standards and the basic requirements to be considered for the team are quite high. We are basically, for the most part, looking for exceptional players.
    Although I feel our ranking does not reflect the actual potential of the guild, for the reasons that I wrote at the start of the post, I fully realize that it might be a bit too much to ask. But it's hard to replace someone of our team with you if you are just a bit better than them. You need to shine.

    - Be a good player. That doesen't only mean do not stand on fire, that's a given requirement. Fast learner, knows if he's doing the DPS that he's doing, knows WHEN to push his damage, if a healer knowing how to maximize the healing output and not tunnel on aoe healing (im doing 120k hps but a guy just died without me trying to instant heal / shield him) are all good qualities to have.
    - Be comunicative. I cannot stress this enough. Have a working microphone, and use it. Obviously know when to shut up and when to talk, but we don't want someone who just does his job and never speaks or interacts, we want to feel your presence in the raid.
    - Have initiative, pitch in ideas when progressing on a boss, let us know what your class can and cannot do on that fight, how you think we can use you better.
    - Don't be a cunt. There's a difference between saying "Omg you suck man" and saying "You made a mistake, let me show you what was wrong and what needs to change"
    - Don't be a smartass. The leadership of this guild has played this game for a LONG time. We know what goes on during an attempt, and we know why people died or what happened. If you make a mistake, we know you did. Nothing wrong with that, mistakes happen - unless you keep making the same one over and over - and nobody will yell at you for that. But if you try and deny it you WILL hear from us. Be a man. (e.g.: You die on Horridon as tank to a Triple Puncture even though you say you had, for example, Shield of the Righteous up. No, you didn't have it up, we have our ways of knowing it. Man up)
    - Last but not least, attendance. Being a small group we require as close as it gets to 100% attendance, especially during progress. Not being able to make a raid is fine, but not if it happens every week. We're sorry, but that's just how it is. Our people have that kind of attendance, and it's expected from you as well.

    We raid 5 nights a week, Sunday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday, from 20:30 to 00:00 server time (CET). If people are up for it, during progress we think about raiding Friday as well, but that's not mandatory. It's more of a "Anyone cannot be here on Friday? No? Good, then we'll raid" kind of thing. It's not expected, but it's a plus if you can do that.

    www . viveri .enjin .c o m

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    Need some more !

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