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    Quote Originally Posted by Garradorr View Post
    Doesn't matter or change the fact that it was easy to get just kill a mob over and over.
    So you think you could down Illidan when he was current content and get the Warglaive to drop, and then your guild would give you it?

    The point is it was rarer and harder to get, not hur dur questing look at all the people with the capes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BassZ1890 View Post
    There is literally no excuse to NOT have one of them on at least one character! It is the ultimate definition of welfare legendary! No work really required, just time. I honestly PRAY that they do NOT do this again. I don't care if I cant have a Legendary, what I do care about is that the Legendary items are, you know, actually Legendary!
    It's not really an excuse, but the Alliance win to loss ratio for the required battle grounds on my realm is about 1 to 99, and that's without me dragging it down more due to not having any pvp gear. The amount of time it would take me to complete the prerequisite quests to get to the cloak is simply not worth it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenethon View Post
    The feeling of obtaining this legendary is very underwhelming, particularly when you see almost every other character with one. Having said that, as long as this isn't going to be the norm for obtaining legendary gear, im ok with it.
    I haven't got mine yet, but didn't you feel amazing when you finally got it after an entire expansion of build up towards it? that's how I imagine I will feel when I get mine, knowing I've been working bit by bit, patch by patch towards this end reward is great motivation for me, I never had the same drive to get a legendary before now.
    Quote Originally Posted by want my Slimjim View Post
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    I have it. I call it welfare. I dont mean it in an offensive way, but in more of a sense of how its acquired. Mulling it up will just be ignorance on my part. Previously legendaries at least required you to kill the final boss. Before that legendaries requires heavy rng. Before that they required boss kill, rng and insane mind mashing progression.

    The only other legendary I got besides this, on its current content, was tarecgosa's rest. All through out the way it felt like I was working on something. My team mates were helping me build it, doing the special boss with me, working on hard modes to reach it faster. So in the end when I finally got it, it was awesome and the dps increase rewarded felt like it was earned and that it wasnt present before but is now.

    This cloak, is sweet but mild compared to prior. If the glowy wings dont pop now and then, I wouldnt know if I had an orange on my back or a rather powerful epic. And the most glaring reaosn that most people will point out is. LFR. before legendaries, were acquired by those few across the server. With the lfr drops, your cloak is no different from anyone. It could be a grey cloak with a cool spell effect and extreme damage increase.

    Thats why, because it doesnt follow what was set as the theme for a legendary. But then again, the game is in flux, everything is changing or has changed. This is one of them.

    though honestly this version, even those dubbed welfare by many, including me, works better than the previous. all the drama surrounding legendaries is now gone. which is perfect, guilds shouldnt have to deal with that shit. Furthermore now since everyone gets it dps disparities are easier to balance. And finally, there is no such, picking and choosing some member over another.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Nye the Spy View Post
    Terrible response. No one said anything about how they only progressed to get the legendary. Where did you get that idea.
    Because you are calling the legencary itself welfare, thus attacking the work to get said legendary as it's stand alone process. His example is a perfect one because it WAS literally handed to you as a bonus for killing a boss. No extra work at all was required. As a matter of fact, this legendary has required more work from a single player than ANY OTHER legendary in WoW history. Period. Just because you don't agree with it for whatever reason and felt the need to create this elitist thread does not change that fact. My original post's point still stands strong.
    Quote Originally Posted by Elba View Post
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    Referring to something as welfare that you have to do entirely on your own seems counterintuitive to me.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Nye the Spy View Post
    I got all my 5.0 legendary quest sigils in TWO LFR RUNS
    No, you didn't. There aren't even enough bosses in 2 LFRs to do that. You might have gotten them in 2 weeks of LFRs, but then you got really lucky to not get oodles of useless sigils while waiting for that final 10th sigil of the other type.

    What makes the glaives welfare is that you didn't have to do anything beyond killing Illidan. The cloak is a lot of work, the glaives are just luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BassZ1890 View Post
    1.) They are lazy.
    2.) They are new to 90.
    3.) They just did not care about it.
    4) Had bad RNG.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Nye the Spy View Post
    So you think you could down Illidan when he was current content and get the Warglaive to drop, and then your guild would give you it?

    The point is it was rarer and harder to get, not hur dur questing look at all the people with the capes.
    No the point is it was not harder to get same grind as cloak, but as i said earlier debating this with people to stubborn to see is pointless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Nye the Spy View Post
    OLol just because I'm good and don't need a legendary to progress doesn't mean its not easy and that anyone could get it
    I take it you don't gem your gear or bring consumable to raids because you're 'too good' for those as well?

    If it's so easy in your eyes there is literally no excuse for you to have dropped it, especially on arguably the easiest part of the quest.

    I don't consider this legnedary quest line a success. But if someone else wants to see that otherwise, it's not up to you, me or anyone else to tell them otherwise, especially someone who quit barely a third of the way into it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Nye the Spy View Post
    Because the cloak is brain dead simple to get

    and everyone could also get it first day to 5.4

    in short you don't have to be good to get it

    I wont be getting mine for a while because I can't be bothered to do the pvp part of the quest
    You never had to be good to get a legendary. All it has ever taken is time. Whether that time is because of drops, waiting for the raid to be nerfed so you can complete it, or waiting until new content is released that trivializes the raid in which the legendary is obtained.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garradorr View Post
    No the point is it was not harder to get same grind as cloak, but as i said earlier debating this with people to stubborn to see is pointless.
    Lol this cloak is in no way hard to get. What part of it is hard?

    Illidan at current was hard.

    The quests aren't challenging or hard.
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    I have the cloak and i raided normals to get the items like most bla blas bla, i still personly find it a walfare epic. when the chain first started i thought cool a nice legendary only a few who can finish the quest can get. I found it very.. lack luster at the end and as if blizzard ran out of idea's nd just went "here you go to shut you up" kinda legendary. I miss the old legendarys, Rags hammer, thunderfury, mace from uld i forgot how to spell :P things that really did take time and effort to get. any casual can get this legendary cloak these days. Im personly not happy with it and didnt even try do get it just.. comes as you do the quests and new zones.

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    This "legendary" item and questline has severely diminished the value, exclusivity, and sense of accomplishment that stems from the legendary item. I haven't even amassed all of my sigils yet, and, seeing the uncalled over-abundance of these items out there, I may just drop the whole thing altogether.

    Before this, I used to look up to the few players that had legendary weapons equipped - from Shadowmourne (I started when ICC came out) to the Fangs. They put the time and the hard work collecting the necessary materials and putting the necessary boss-faces in the dirt to earn those items. They had every reason to flaunt them, because they deserved it.

    Going back to my previous point about over-abundance, now after the patch, I see many players with that orange cape on.... it's just doesn't have the "legendary" that I'm used to seeing, and that, I am disappointed of. I'll have to see what happens with the orange flair when X5 comes around...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Nye the Spy View Post
    As much work as walking out to your mailbox and opening the letter
    Bullshit. Flat out lying right here.

    Seriously, if you have to resort to such ridiculous comments then your argument is null and void.

    So what if you can do it in LFR? Remember how many people struggled with the PvP parts, or the solo scenerio parts, or when you have to battle Wrathion?

    Exactly. Now shush.

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    Lol I still like how everyone thinks that the old legendaries were "a challenge" to get. Newsflash, guild loot drama != acquisition difficulty. Nor does RNG drops for legendaries or any of the other methods they have used so far to award legendary items. The only way they could have made getting a legendary hard is to make a solo scenario that is near impossible to execute a part of the questline. I'm sorry, but downing farm content every single week with an RNG chance for a legendary isn't difficult, it's just tedious.

    Think about it, the legendary cloak questline is EXACTLY the same as every other legendary has been so far, just without the RNG chance to start and the RNG chance to finish. Sulf = Eye + RNG drops, Thunderfury = two RNG binding drops + RNG drops, Val'anyr = RNG drops. Shadowmourne is probably the "hardest" legendary so far to get. Glaives, which seems to be the big example in this thread, were by far and away the easiest, literally dropping from a farmable boss. And don't kid yourselves that normal mode content has ever been hard either.. I was raiding BT when I was like 15 years old.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Choice View Post
    I take it you don't gem your gear or bring consumable to raids because you're 'too good' for those as well?
    No, I'm way too under geared for doing that
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    Well, I think it *is* a welfare legendary solely because you can get it without running a single normal mode raid. That doesn't bother me though. I don't have the time to do structured raiding anymore and it's nice to have more content to run. Some don't like it, and that's find, but it's ok with me.

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    It was obtained through LFR with very little real effort involved and by many more players than was customary in the past. Of course those who have obtained real legendaries will be a bit condescending considering that direction that wow has been going towards catering to casuals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hotei View Post
    the thing is that along the way to working up to it you were rewarded with other legendary items. All previous legendaries required an actual raid group and did not give any other rewards. It's probably fair to refer to it in that sense since you see people with them that have really bad gear.
    Those people with a legendary cloak and really bad gear still had to spend months doing a bunch of boring shit to farm that cloak. In fact someone with really bad gear had to go out of his way to get all of the silly things done, while for a raider who is more than a few bosses into normal, the cloak quest is mostly stuff he would be doing anyway.

    So, whatever.

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    Don't let it get to you, YOU know the amount of time that YOU put into it, and thats all that matters, you actually played the game for all those months, put in the time and effort. Those people that like to belittle others aren't worthy of your time! So long as you are having fun, fuck em.

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