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    Eradication 10man recruiting T15 11/13 HC

    About us:

    Eradication was formed in 2007 and was one of the oldest guilds on the realm EU Auchindoun till more and more alliance players conquered our realm and Horde side got less and less popular, resulting in a massive lack of new recruits.

    In the end we decided that after so many years on Auchindoun, it was time for us to leave and settle down on a nice new realm to continue our long journey.

    Eradication itself is a part of the Gaming community The Conclave which is also supporting other games like Battlefield 3, Diablo 3, Guildwars 2 etc. You are not only joining a single guild but a whole community of people from all around the world who enjoy playing games together.

    We keep recruiting people and never shut our doors to anyone so everyone can apply at any given time. The difference lies in what kind of rank you would like to get:

    Both raiders and socials are welcome in Eradication and we are supporting raids for different goals and needs. Our 10men team is the one more progression oriented currently as lately we had to downgrade from 25man due to some internal problems. However, we expect people in this new group to be prepared for fights, be gemmed, reforged and have the best possible pre-current tier gear they can get.

    However we do plan to get back to 25m raiding when we have the correct numbers so even if your class is not listed please feel free to apply.

    10men (Raiders):

    Raiding times: Wed, Sun, Tues 19.15-23.00 Server Time (may change a bit as we currently have a poll about it)
    Progression: T14: 7/16 HC 16/16 NHC T15: 11/13 HC 12/12 NHC T16: 2/14 NHC
    Open spots for 10 man:

    1x Mage or Rogue or Balance Druid DPS

    Currently we look for more people to revive 25man in the close future - if you are up for this contact us.

    70% attendence is needed for raider rank.
    Access to TS is a must, having a microphone and option to speak is good to have also, but not necessary

    PvP Events:

    We are also recruiting for our PvP section which is providing 2 nights of RBGs a week. Those take place atm at Thursdays (20.00-23.00) and Mondays (20.00-23.00) Most needed classes would be a FC (warrior or druid prefered) with both tank and dps specc and a flexible healer.

    How to join?

    If you want to join Eradication go to this site and follow the steps listed in the post there:


    What to keep in mind?

    Even throught most of us are very experience players you don't have to worry about it that much if you want to apply. If you gear is in OK level, you are smart and have a positive approach to raiding, but most importantly know how to play your class we are open to you. Loyality and putting guild gain over personal are also highly valued.

    Our plans for future

    As we were very prosperous 25man up until Throne of Thunder included, but due to some internal affairs we had to transform into 10man our long term objective is to get back on the 25man horse. So if you don't mind doing 10mans, but would like doing 25mans in next expansion we are probably a perfect guild for you.

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    Still looking for more players

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    Now recruiting for 25m

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