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    [H]Misanthropy 10M - Draenor Recruiting Heal/Range 12/14 SoO 3d/Wk 21:00 -23:30

    Misanthropy is a small, mature and well-seasoned 10 man raiding guild.
    The guild has achieved Realm first Grand Empress during 5.2 on CoA. We stopped raiding @ start of 5.3 due to lacking recruits on CoH and many of us left Misanthropy in search for new challenges and went their separate ways joining various flavors of guilds.
    We decided to join up again for 5.4 on a more attractive realm.

    A lot of us have achieved 13/13 Heroic ToT prior to 5.4 and some achieved realm first achievements during 5.3.
    However we are not aiming for realm rankings in 5.4 but only aim to clear all heroic content while current, with a modest raid schedule.
    We are a fun bunch together that would like to raid effectively while having fun in SoO.

    Raid Info:
    3 days a week (Thu/Sun/Mon) 21:00-23:30

    *Might extend to 00:00 if kill is close
    *18+ years of age

    - Range DPS (non hunter)
    - Strong Healer (Druid,Monk,Pala, Priest) having a viable offspec would be an advantage

    We are always interested in any good player with knowledge of their class even if you class is closed.
    We do require a high attendance as we are running with a tight roster.

    Apply now: http://misanthropy.draenor.shivtr.com/forums or add us thru battletag: rejv#2929 or lonewolf#2335
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