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    Datamining voiceclips for youtube kill video.

    I have in the past gone into the .mpq file and gotten the voiceclips i need for our killvideos. I was going to do so again now for SoO but Blizzard seams to have encrypted the .mpq. Is there anyone who know a way around this?

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    Noone know how to get around this?
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    You on about the siege of Org cinematic? if so thats locked down until you clear the siege is it not?

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    No, not the cinematic. I want the voiceclips that bosses say during encounter.

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    Aren't there like ...commands you can run in game to make them play?
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    Well, presumably it's a server sent key, so someone will need to sniff it as they beat Siege. I think Blizzard should just automatically unencrypt EVERYONE'S files once it goes out once. I get wanting to keep a secret until it's been beaten.

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    So, defeat Garrosh and the mpq unlocks. oki, got it.

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