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    This is Madness! The Maelstrom EU Horde!

    Fellow raiders!

    This is Madness is looking for you!

    We are looking for raiders that share our interest both in game and out. We will start with raiding 10 man SoO flex and are aiming to do the normals in time as well.

    Who are we?

    We are old school raiders who mostly live in The Netherlands. Most of us started playing in (or even before) vanilla and cleared almost every content up until now. But as every guild we have had our up's and down's. Now after a few long months we decided to start again and hopefully we will get far with the help off our new recruits!
    We only raid 2 days a week sunday and monday from 20:15-23:00. The rest of the week we are pretty active in doing oldschool raids, some groupquesting and talking about pretty much everything in Guildchat.

    We only raid 2 days a week to make sure we have time for our kids, work and wifes/girlfriends!! All of that is nice and important but it doesn't mean we don't still want to achieve someting in a game we have loved playing for many years.

    So we are you an old fart that still wanna have fun and do some relax raiding, or a young guy looking for a stable raid group without the stress of being online every night? Blizzard has now given us the perfect opportunity to do just that!

    Currently we are in need of:

    1 tank: (no Warriors)
    2 ranged dps: (Lock, Mage, Boomkin)
    2 healers: (Shammy, Paladin, Monk)

    We are still trying to fill our raid team, so does this apply to you and you want to contact us? you can do so by adding me to battletag: ranyesin#2834, or log in and whisper either Justflip, Lollasp, Veit or Sofietje.

    Hope to see you soon on a screenshot of a defeated Garrosh

    Kind regards

    Justflip and This is Madness
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    we are in need of a few healers and ranged dps!

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