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    Back at the start of cata i think it was when prot pally was op as hell in pvp with vengeance and self heals, I was at the pvp arena in stranglethorn, going for the chest, the wee goblin walked in mid, I went for it, got attacked by 3 allys, killed them off, another 2 came, killed them, then another 3 came, killed them off, then going for the chest respawners kept coming back, so instead of killing and hoping for chest I had 8 allys all on me at the same time, we fought for ages, I didn't go down once ( op world of glory heals ftw :P )

    I killed them off so much that all had a 60 second respawn timer and i got the chest, after it there was 3 or 4 horde on mounts above me and just whispered, *Holy fuck man, we just sat and watched all of that, just epic* needless to say i had the biggest smug smile on my face and felt like a beast :P
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    It was my first time doing RBGs in Cataclysm. I was playing my arms warrior at the time, and my new guild was trying me out.

    We ended up in an AB match, Alliance side. The start of the game was pretty normal. We ended up having a big fight at blacksmith, taking the LM, and the horde taking the mines. We won the fight at BS and sent a team up to LM because they had ninja capped it. As that team went, I was not assigned a place to defend or attack, so I decided to just have a bit of fun. I ran above the mines and saw that for some reason they had 5 people defending... I saw them starting to mount up to attack BS while our group was at LM, so I figured I'd stall them. I jumped down and charged at the hunter in range, and burned him down. I next went onto the warrior, and healed with the victory rush from the hunter. That process kept going until I had killed a hunter, a warrior, a rogue, a priest, and a warlock. At the end of it all, I was able to cap the Mines on my own, only to see that my team had lost the fight at LM, but held BS. We ended up winning that game because of the random explosion of awesomeness from me.

    After that, I had a permanent spot as the arms warrior for the group.

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    Two Horde DKs were ganking the living crap out of Booty Bay lowbies. I hop on my Blood DK in early Wotlk I killed and farmed two other DKs in equal gear for a few hours before they gave up. And remember this was back when Blood DK was a DPS spec not just a pure tank spec. One of the DKs had two accounts and whispered and "Damn man, your DK hits like a Fing truck!".

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    When back in Vanilla I was on my shadow priest in old school AV and I had a personal record of 115 HKs and 2 deaths and where alliance rogues unstealthed next to me to /salute. Back when you knew your friends and respected your enemies on your realm.

    P.S So amazing to read people's PvP stories and Blizz should really, really read this thread if they by chance come across it. Then they will see how sacred PvP and WPvP is to people.
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    Specced BM, entered AV, destroyed every Warlock i saw. After about three Hours i stood there with 124 killing blows and every single one was a Warlock. Badass revenge for two Years without a fear break

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    First time ever? Back in vanilla, went melee hunter and was just unbeatable, it was so much fun wrecking people who got close, then finishing them off as they ran.

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    Wrath, lvl'ing my druid and the first iteration of powerful thorns. a warrior drops out of the sky and goes nuts on me. i'm getting pwned and pop everything, including thorns. im rofl'ing when the warrior suddenly drops. he's in shock and doesn't release while i teabag him. probably went straight to QQ on the forums.

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    Playing on my SL/SL Warlock. I knew it was cheap, but I enjoyed it. It worked very well with the Frozen Shadoweave set in the early days of TBC.

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    I don't remember the first, but the greatest for me or whatever, is when i was queueing 2500 3s on KT in cata, and got whispers of how a popular streamer was raging at our play. Not so much the fact that they were raging. But they complimented our play along with a r1 player having a very hard time with us. Made me feel good.

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    2v1ing a fucking warlock and frost mage (I wanted to blow my proverbial brains out) on my enhancement shaman at 2k mmr while just "getting points" with a friend right before the past season ended is probably up there, actually.

    I've only ever really heal in PvP. Teammate asks if I'm ready, I say no, he doesn't pay attention, I say "WTF" to the instant queue, we freak out, I accept out of habit (my off-spec was ele, not usual resto anyway. I'm better at enhance), he doesn't accept ("It's just one loss. You know it").

    Fuck that! WHAT PART OF VICTORY OR DEATH DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND? *blinks* "Holy shit I'm alive." That enhancement burst was so broken. Mages and warlocks still were worse.
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    Well, multiple 1v3 wins as a rogue in isle of QQ'danas, but the most epic moment was in wotlk on my warrior. We were defending stables with some other warrior, and pretty much full team of alliance spawned to their base. They rushed to the flag and we cleared all of them with a double Grim Toll bladestorm.

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    when i started in BC on my troll fire mage.

    was around level 28 in AB, defending and capturing flags and at the end of one of those matches i was around 28 KB 2 Death 55 HK 5 flags captured 4 flags defended.

    was insane! never managed to do so well in PvP ever agian.

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    During TBC I played a retribution Paladin. One day I was farming Adamantite Ores in Nagrand when I came up on three hordes hanging around those "flight points" around Halaa (the ones which you used to bomb the guards). So I decided I'd pay them a visit. When I first attacked them, one of them was AFK for about half the fight against the other two but he/she joined up soon enough. Long story short: after blowing all my cooldowns and every bit of sorcery I could come up with, I managed to take down all three of them.
    The fighting went on for what seemed an hour. Needless to say without my cooldowns I couldn't have beaten them but it was still a pretty nice hour or so of fighting.
    That was, without doubt, the best PvP experience I've ever had.
    And even though it's reached new heights, I rather like the restless nights. It makes me wonder, makes me think there's more to this, I'm on the brink. It's not the fear of what's beyond, it's just that I might not respond! I have an interest, almost craving, would I like to get to far in?!

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    The earliest one I can remember was 1v2'ing two full bloodfang gnome rogues on my warrior in blues. For people saying LOL WAR VS. ROGUE IN VANILLA, if you actually played vanilla you would know that there's no reason I should have won, except that sweeping strikes used to be a beautiful thing. RIP Sweeping Strikes

    Another one I remember was around s6 or so in EoTS taking 4 of us vs. their entire team and holding FR the entire match despite getting zerged by all of them repeatedly, while the rest of our team capped the other 3 bases and ran the flag. Probably one of the most intense pvp battles I've had in this game ever. I should clarify we didn't actually have FR because there was so many of them, but we were keeping their team there trying to kill us and continually getting graveyard zerged by them to the point that they completely forgot about everything else. Also, none of us died the entire match despite our 2 healers being OOM a couple minutes in (again, no idea how).
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    AB during cata on my feral. 1v1 with a DK between farm and mine. Had the DK sub 50% when a warrior from his team started up the hill from mine. The second he was in range and charged I tossed him in a cyclone. Killed the DK and waited for the warrior to come out from CC. He just stood there and doing the /cry emote. Few minutes later he was on a LVL 1 on my server. Whispered me saying that he knew he was dead the second he was cycloned. I just laughed.

    This expansion. I play a disc priest as well as a friend of mine. We decided to go try to take back farm. 2 heals vs 4 -5 dps and a heal. They could not kill us and at one point stopped trying. We all just stood there looking at each other. Rather comical.
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    Easily, at the beginning of MoP on my BM hunter when I could Stampede + BW + KC + Lynch Rush ANY class dead, lol.

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    Couple moments stood out for me were.
    1- Using the unstoppable Force for the 1st time in pvp as an Enhance shaman.
    2- Premade AV BGs on my Frost dk with mass grip spamming howling blast / NS for zerg kills. was pretty beast.

    I personally thing what gives it that beast feeling is working with the people around you, rather than yourself.

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