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    [A] Insurrection (10) LF Healer

    Insurrection is a 10 man english speaking raiding guild with 12/14 SoO progression on EU Hellscream.

    We raid 4 nights a week; Wed, Thur, Sun, Mon 21.30 - 00.30 server time. Vent required - working mic a very strong plus.

    Raiding times to suit those working or with families.

    We are currently recruiting for a main spec healer (monk, shaman or druid), a ranged dps (hunter, shaman, warlock or druid) and a melee dps (rogue, druid or shaman) geared for full clear SoO (540+) normal.

    Gear level is a general guideline and dependent on the individual as we are working on the end bosses on normal and we need someone who can step in right away without needing a long gear up phase as we want to see the end boss and get a shot at some heroic content where we can. Some player losses has held us back from reaching this goal.

    We are also looking for social members and those who wants to help fill raid spots when needed (gear dependent).

    Please log to insurrection-hellscream.com for guild rules and an application form etc. Or whisper an officer in game for more information.
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    also looking for a full time ranged - hunter, shaman, warlock or druid

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