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    Quote Originally Posted by wkrueger View Post
    They certainly had in mind keeping the golden orbs for LFR, but then on PTR testing nobody clicked at them.

    Typical LFR.
    I guess it's an automatic port because of that, and to avoid people griefing by taking as many as they can (if that's possible?). Definitely needs to prevent the same people being sent over and over though, that's just stupid.

    My LFR group was great, one shot everything, most people seemed to understand what was going on. I really enjoyed it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyromelter View Post
    I think the keyboard jockey heroes above who are like "lol LFR" don't really get it.

    If the game puts only 5 or 6 people into the other realm over and over, and doesn't spread it out on the raid, what you have is people going as hard as they can and not able to even do 50% of their dps/healing.

    If the game doesn't put tanks and healers in, dps has to soak the black orbs (which they usually won't).

    Really they should just put the orbs in LFR difficulty. The OP is right - LFR mode is WAY harder than normal/flex, simply because there is an RNG element that is not there in normal/flex or even heroic.

    Very poor LFR design for this boss. Very poor. Anyone who thinks this is a player issue frankly does not understand the mechanics, or has not been in LFR to see how completely horrible the LFR mechanics are.
    You must didn't test it with orbs on PTR. It was much worse. It actually is better this way.

    "Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Sometimes those opinions are wrong though." Daxxarri

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