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    Thoughts On WoWProgress' New Seperation of 10m and 25m

    I was exploring WoWprogress the other day and realized that the main list of guilds ranking, the one that used to be a combined tier list, is now separated and cannot be viewed together. That is, you can't see a list with 11/14 ten man groups directly under or over 11/14 twenty five man groups. I don't know when this was implemented but thought it was interesting and worth taking about. It seems to be taking the separate-but-equal stance on the old (and wretched) 10/25 debate, otherwise, why change? At the same time, it's interesting that there's no combined list, yet either raid size can beat the other on their ranking system; if 10s get the kill first, they'll rank higher than the 25s, but will always be "over there."

    I like the new system, but just think they didn't commit all the way. If you're going to separate the two, then don't allow 10 man progression to influence 25 man rankings and vice versa (search for you guild, if you don't know what I mean). Alternatively, reintroduce a cumulative list. Just my two copper.

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    There is a lot of argument over which is harder etc 10 and 25, that discussion is irrelevant.

    Which is harder - 2 man or 4 man rowing ?
    Neither - but they still don't compete against each other at the Olympics.

    I agree with the split - 10 and 25 man are different, so they should be listed differently.

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    Don't really care who did what to achieve a kill from one mode to another.
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    I agree with krommm, however my thoughts on this is that it's gold to have them seperated.

    No matter how close they balance 10m and 25m, 25m will always be more difficult(maybe not the correct word) BECAUSE you are managing 25 people, there is more people to mess up etc. Granted 10m has some inherent issues that can make it difficult, 25m comes with more people more drama more everything and it's always going to be more difficult on managing 25 people in a fight than 10. Relying on 24 others is worse than 9 others. So even if they tuned 10m harder than 25m, it's still easier to find 10 REALLY skilled people over 25. Obviously these are reasons we have higher warforged drop-rate so there is that, and I love that.

    I think 25 takes extra dedication on the officer/management side of things, and it's good to show the seperation. Recognizing guilds for going the extra 10 yards by doing 25m. Not trying to say 10m doesn't, it's just 25m takes more and you can't really deny organizing 25 people is more difficult than 10.

    Regardless of which is more difficult, it seperates the two so you compete with other 25m guilds, rather than competing with 10m guilds and vica versa.

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    Woah, there. I'm sorry. Didn't mean to start up the 10v25 engine. That is not what this is about. Just wanted to make it clear that I'm asking for opinions on ranking and classification on wowprogress specifically.

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    Just so you know (as a 10m raider) I believe 25m has been much more difficult this expansion (reverse that for t11 in cata), which is why I posted about people hoarding regular 25m loot then jumping down to 10s for heroics. I apologize for seemingly sparking a debate. The separation makes it so they are in their own leagues for more accurate, but separate progression rankings.
    Stay salty my friends.

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    It was something needed, i raid 25m, i don't compete with 10m guilds, i compete with 25m guilds. It has nothing to do with difficulty, it's simply that they are 2 different competitions. The 2/4 rowing is a great example

    I think Blizzard finally made the same change with realm first for this patch, it's possitive that there is a clear disctintion also in-game.

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    dosnt rly matter which one is harder , its different raid settings so it should be separated , easy as that

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    I like the change;

    It's two separate races to watch.

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