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    Is WoW graphic style too... "cartoonish"?

    Sometimes I would like to see a more realistic style in WoW. I mean... just look at goblin architecture, the steampunk is ok, lovely, but I think it looks too childy.

    Mainly during Cataclysm, many models that have been created appear "over-cartoony", a bit pathetic. It is mainly about guns and architecture.

    Do you think that WoW should have a more realistic graphic?
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    No I think the cartoony art style is what gives wow a large part of it's "charm".

    Warcraft have always had a cartoony style so if they were to move away from that I think many players would no longer feel like they played a warcraft game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ridish View Post
    No I think the cartoony art style is what gives wow a large part of it's "charm".
    It's also what has made it age so well, I'd wager that if they'd gone for a more "realistic" art style, that it would look 10 times more shit than it does now after 10 years.
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    It's the style of the game. If it didn't have that look then it wouldn't be Warcraft. I'm sure they can make it look a little more 'mature' but they'd have to be careful since they could well ruin the experience for a lot of people.

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    Not at all. Other MMOs are more cartoonish. The graphics in WoW are fine and like ridish said, it is how it ment to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ridish View Post
    No I think the cartoony art style is what gives wow a large part of it's "charm".
    I think it too, but just sometimes (especially in Cataclysm) many models look pathetic due to the overcartoony style. (personal POW)

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    It wouldn't be a Warcraft game if it wasn't in it's current art-style.

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    The graphics could do with an overhaul but I like the cartoon style and I feel it has helped keep WOW looking fresh for its age.

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    It is fine(ish) the way it is. The more realistic people make MMO's the more clunky they feel. Warcraft game play is very smooth, if you start adding in intensive realistic graphics then very few people are going to be able to utilize them as they don't have/want the hardware to pull it off. Don't get me wrong, I think it can be improved to find a happy medium without effecting game play, but it would be a fine line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vellerix View Post
    It's also what has made it age so well, I'd wager that if they'd gone for a more "realistic" art style, that it would look 10 times more shit than it does now after 10 years.
    Exactly. These graphics are timeless, if you ask me.

    The graphics are a huge part of what makes WoW appealing to me. In comparison, when I played Rift with it's mighty "realistic" graphics, I found it to be extremely depressing. I mean, even the grass color was depressing >_>
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    As far as I'm concerned, no, the graphic style of the game is just fine the way it is. It's a game and it doesn't have to look like reality and it's also from 12 years and up, "too childy" is not what I'd call it

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    The cartoony graphic style means that it's more hardware friendly then other MMO's. The more gritty/realistic ones get blurry quick due to less color differences.

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    No. Warcraft had this style since forever. It's just Blizzard's style, look at Starcraft, that's also more cartoony than many other Scifi games.

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    Hell no. It has unique art-style, it isn't just ER MA GERD, we have ultra-hyper-super-realistic graphics but no content MMO no. 335. This style belongs to WoW, and if they changed it, i would maybe quit, depending on how drastic the chang would be. I can't understand why someone would want to change into "realistic" graphics, when those will be obsolete in 2 years, whereas "cartoonish" WoW style can last for another 10 years.

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    Thats what make World of Warcraft unique.

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    Maybe some parts of it. I think the facial animations of Varian Wrynn in the SoO cinematics are horrible.
    He looks like a Disney character. Could have been done better.
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    I understand seeing some of the more realistic fan art that it gives an urge to see the game like that, but for me, that would not work, it's charm is the way the graphics are. However the updated models, still in the same style, yet far more detailed are incredible.
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    We would not be playing WoW now in the numbers we are we're it not for the art style it has. If it had gone for realism, well, look at how rough KotOR is now. That's the graphical fidelity of the time WoW was conceived.

    Apart from the character models the game looks pretty spiffy now. I don't think it would had they opted for a realistic style (they never had in previous or later games, so the whole topic is kind of mute)

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    Now that's a one-sided poll.

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    If anything, I feel more games should adopt a WoW-esque graphics style. It's colourful and playful and something I *want* to look at on a near-daily basis. Realistic-looking games just look... boring, for the most part.
    Besides, Warcraft has been cartoony ever since its inception, and there's absolutely no reason to change it now.

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