View Poll Results: What's the strength points that make WoW the best?

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  • Gameplay & abilities

    51 75.00%
  • Endgame eternal content

    24 35.29%
  • Music / Sounds

    27 39.71%
  • Art / graphic style

    30 44.12%
  • Quests & leveling

    19 27.94%
  • Maps / terrain concepts

    17 25.00%
  • general PvE

    26 38.24%
  • general PvP

    6 8.82%
  • All the awesome Lore!

    39 57.35%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    What's make WoW the most enjoyable/interesting/lovely MMO in the world?

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    Definitely gameplay. That is what has driven me away from all other MMOs, they are atrociously clunky.

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    For me - gameplay. No other game I've tried runs as smooth as WoW.

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    I find it funny there's so few replies to this topic...just goes to show the WoW community is always so negative. WoW's great because Blizzard have made the game consistently fun across the board over the years and always adding fresh new features (with early Cataclysm being the only really botched up job in my opinion.) There's lots of interesting lore as well and a fun storyline you're following. All other competing MMOs might do one or two features as good or better then WoW but fail in other aspects. You've always got something to do, something to work towards and there's a breadth of content rivalled by only a few other MMOs.
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    the Lore, Music and Atmosphäre(World Design) are the things that make WoW better than all the other MMOs.

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    That thread title is going to create problems. Just saying.

    Even though I'm not playing World of Warcraft anymore since I dislike the way Blizzard is taking it, I can't say it was a bad game since it had me for 8 years. I really liked the lore, and even though the gameplay is pretty static with abilites and auto-attacks it was very responsive back in those days.

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    accessibility is definitely one of the reasons, the game does work on old hardware.

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    Gameplay, PvE and the sheer amount of polished content in the game.

    Blizzard has been able to iterate on their concept so many times that they've pretty much mastered what can be done in this framework. All new MMORPGs that try to follow this formula tend to fall short because they lack the character and polish Blizzard has been able to create during the 10+ years they've been creating this game.

    That's why the only way to beat WoW is to try something new. Some have tried and been pretty successful at it (GW2), but a major breakthrough still hasn't been made. It's also quite possible that Blizzard will be the ones to make that breakthrough with Titan, assuming it doesn't become vaporware.

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    Gameplay, graphics and music for me. The game runs smoothly and feels responsive, cartoony graphics don't feel as dated as realistic ones would and the music just speaks for itself.

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    the easy difficulty and all the comfort functions.
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    For me it's story and it's rts legacy. It was amazing to, for example enter the throne room where Arthas kill his own father, see place when Thrall and Grom fight against mannoroth etc...

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    Gameplay for me as well. Sure there are some minor issues but overall it just feels right.

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    Gameplay, content, and the unvotable investment of time/personal attachment. Love lots of other things, like music and lore, but other games have those as well or better.

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    I'm surprised at how high lore ranked!

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    Quote Originally Posted by yjmark View Post
    For me - gameplay. No other game I've tried runs as smooth as WoW.
    This, and the amount of 'friends' I've made over the years who I miss dearly in every new MMO I try so I eventually bounce back to them after a while.

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    Plus the raiding guilds I have been in have been amazing (up until they disband /cry) Booty Bay Surf Club is well missed

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    everything except PvP
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