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    Fabled Feather of Ji-Kun or Fusion-Fire Core

    Hi all, i have a problem deciding what one to use? http://www.wowhead.com/item=94515 or http://www.wowhead.com/item=104712 here is my character Link if it helps too http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ensakar/simple

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    I'd use SPA / Feather for single target, SPA / Core for AOE.

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    Thing here is that SPA and Feather both have passive stats on them and core doesn't. So the absence of one of these trinkets would put you below either hit or expertise cap. Seeing as fusion core gives you more strength than a 2/2 SPA it makes sense to use it with feather. However, since you have 12% hit SPA and core makes more sense for your particular case.
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    SPA/Core for very few fights which have the AOE to warrent it. Everything else use SPA/Feather despite the fact that you will be over your caps.

    Core is very poor in comparison to almost all 5.4 trinkets and most 5.3. Don't use it.

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    Flex Core should still be better than LFR Spark shouldn't it?

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    I would doubt that it would be better then even LFR spark as spark has stats on it, the core is an aoe centric trinket with a super low proc rate (and also means its useless single target). I'll check if I can before bed but I wouldn't hold light to it much

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    Funny how Blizzard comes up with a trinket worse than a LFR trinket the tier before, thanks for your reply though, Maxweii!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxweii View Post
    I would doubt that it would be better then even LFR spark as spark has stats on it, the core is an aoe centric trinket with a super low proc rate (and also means its useless single target). I'll check if I can before bed but I wouldn't hold light to it much
    The proc amount difference of 540 to 502 should beat 1200 passive haste. Spark grants assuming it procs average about every 54 seconds about 1127 str, while the flex core grants about 1838. This makes it a difference of over 700 str, which is, especially on lower ilvls better than 1218 haste.

    Additionally we have a full bunch of cleave/AoE encounter in siege where the cleave can be used, it is questionable if the trinket, even with the cleave can keep up with its ilvl counterparts, but for lower and basically crippled rppm trinkets it should be an upgrade never the less.
    Assuming it can't proc on ST (which i honestly don't know, but the wording makes it sound like) it can be used on the following SoO:

    Fallen protectors
    Sha of Pride (although add uptime is quite low and the low proc chance makes it very luck dependant)
    Dark Shamans (cleaving as frost may give it reasonable dmg)
    Spoils of Pandaria (the more you pull the better it gets)
    Klaxxi paragons (although only a small gain, as the dmg on 2 of 3 is useless, but you can use hb procs still)
    Garrosh (in p1 it should deal a good bunch, although a normal trinket may be better for the other 2 phases)

    6/14 is no awesome number, but okayish, for such a situational trinket.

    For feather (522) vs core (540) it strongly depends of how much hit you can use of it.
    In this case all hit is useless, leaving 586 of the best secondary stat.
    Feather proc strength is about 1350 average, core still at over 1800, making it close to 500 str difference, which is better than 586 secondary stats. Letting it win out.
    If you can use the feather hit completely it will be better, but the difference will not be very great.

    Also this is only some quick overview of the trinket str, it also depends on combination with cds, etc. and the numbers may not be exact, only very close to. I used the uptime given through the rppm of the trinket (1,21 for feather and 1,11 for spark) for the calculation.
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    Just checked like I said I would, Fusion Fire Core flex (upgraded 2/2) is lower then LFR Spark (upgraded 2/2)
    To go further, the only Core that beats Spark is warforged 2/2 upgraded heroic Core, and that only beats normal 2/2 upgraded Spark, Normal TF 2/2 upgraded Spark beats the heroic WF 2/2 Core

    Raikh I appreciate the extensive post btw, but really just to put it plainly Fusion Fire Core is such a crap trinket it's never worth taking. Fallen Protectors, Klaxxi, and Dark Shammy can't even be counted as to where it would be used as depending on your strat there's barely time enough to get a good chance for even one attack to proc once during the whole fight with it. Thok's Tail Tip and Galk's Eye will be BIS no matter what (though im actually seeing Galk's eye and Skeer's trink at BIS for me but that's me), and even with aoe involved they will yield better results.
    Even with the nerf Feather is still pretty strong and I still have pretty good uptime on it

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    What about Galakris, and possibly Sha? Our warrior is using a HTF cleave trinket, and it does 10-15% of his total damage done on H Gala. It's a very situation trinket, but still has good uses. If its an AoE heavy fight, I'd replace spark with it.

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    If you're already progressed to a point where you have H Cleave I think that you yourself can make the call on weather or not to use it based on the raids dps

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    I got myself a normal warforged Fusion-Fire Core although it's very situational it is pretty sick for AOE fights.

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    It's not bad on AoE centric fights. I was using it as a tank on Heroic Galakras and it was roughly 5% of my damage. Considering that's just the proc portion of the trinket, it's really not that bad.

    That said, I'm only going to use it on Galakras, Spoils, and possibly Garrosh if P1 proves to be really difficult on Heroic. Oh and probably Protectors as well.

    I appreciate their effort but I think the trinket either needs a proc chance increase, or has the ability to duplicate/cleave the damage on the main target as well. I love situational trinkets as a tank, but this trinket just doesn't go far enough. I'll still use it on the mentioned encounters but that's probably it.

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    Feather all day long, Fusion fire core is just horrible :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkizne View Post
    Feather all day long, Fusion fire core is just horrible :/
    Just tested the Fusion Core this afternoon while raiding in Throne of Thunder.

    On some fights like Horridon and Tortos the cleave effect in itself would sometimes account for up to 10% of my damage.

    Overall my DPS went up slightly on all fights with the FC. But it was very minor and not like I saw when I would get an upgrade from HoF/TOES to ToT.

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