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    25m Heroic vs. 10m Heroic

    It is only the first day but I still wanted to bring this question up. If you look how well the 25m guild are doing compared to the 10man you see an obvious difference. Is this because the 25m top guilds are just that much better or are we seeing 10m content a little more difficult to handle some of the early heroic mechanics.

    We got 1/14 H tonight after some time and did some work on Protectors. We had to really put on our strat-hats and think of a way to counter how big that room was and deal with everything. So I am just wondering if any other 10m guild notice things to be a little more challenging or even a 25m noticing it to be alot more managable.

    I am not complaining either way bc I like challenging content but wanted to see what others thought.

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    I'm sorry, but we don't allow 10 vs 25 man threads here. I know you probably mean well but what always ends up happening is people start throwing around "10 is too easy" or "25 man is too easy" and swapping which one is harder and insulting each other over it. We end up closing these threads every time so now they're just not allowed.

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