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    I used a Scroll of Resurrection on a Warlock, helpful tips needed!

    Greetings! I recently used a scroll of resurrection on my Warlock, bumped her up to 80 and I'm ready to start leveling.
    It's going to be my first ranged class (except a Mage) above level 80, as I usually play melee oriented classes. So I just wanted to know about any how-to-do's, tips and such. Which specc is viable for leveling as fast as possible? I'm kinda leaning towards Destro, but any input is helped! I've checked out the class guides already, of course, but as they're aimed for level 90 and not leveling they're not 100% viable. Thanks for reading my thread, and if you also reply.. well that'd be awesome.

    I have to go now, but I'll answer any other questions. I'm currently a Goblin Warlock, but I'm going to faction change her to a male Worgen, if that's any help.
    And how is Warlock DPS right now? Compared to other classes.

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    After the recent buffs to Destruction, I'd definitely try out that first for leveling. Make sure you use the Grimoire of Supremacy and summon your Void Lord, and let it do the tanking. There's actually very little it can't tank, and that alone is a massive quality of life aspect of playing a warlock. For levelling purposes I'd recommend you to check out the Tier 2 talent Soul Link or Sacrificial Pact, though the first one synergizes better since you're using a demon.

    What you can do for every third pull, is to cast Havoc on the new mob you're going to attack and cast shadowburn on the first mob. That way it will hit both of them, and it becomes good practise for what will be a big chunk or your dps @level 90.
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    As Alarith said, destruction is definitely best for leveling. Especially since, during leveling, you won't cast many chaos bolts (except for as openers), so you won't feel the lack of Kil'jaeden's Cunning. Destro + Voidlord = love. You'll cut through mobs like a sharp knife through a fat guy.

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    Thanks for the info! And kloro, that sounds like a great plan to prepare for level 90 while leveling, I'll definitively follow through.

    So I hit level 84, and I must say I find it to be the most amusing class to level thus far. And Alarinth, I quickly realized the Void Lord's potential when I had to use him as a tank in one of my dungeon runs! He rarely died, most likely thanks to the great Healer we had (but I have to praise his durability nonetheless. He had to tank Beauty and all her babies at the same time after the Tank died and he did this with amazing prowess.

    Not to mention the DPS I manage to pull out is just.. astounding.
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