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    Fire last Tier, Arcane this Tier, only Frost for Siegecrafter Progress.

    Stream -
    YT -
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    Paragons of the Klaxxi 10 Heroic as Arcane:

    13/14H, one more to go!

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    Grats mini ^

    Unfortunately our progression on thok got cut short this week B/C of Halloween stuff, got ~35 pulls and pretty consistently getting the bats worked on and thok to ~45%. next week should be able to get him down.

    We switched it to normal and had a pretty funny kill, we couldn't phase him even when trying lolol.

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    Thanks! Good luck on Thok, I don't like that dino.

    For the interested, I'll be streaming Garrosh 10HC attempts tonight at 8:30 pm at

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    Frostmane-EU, GoodGame, Harriett Mage

    Spec Fire
    Paragons of the Klaxxi 25HC

    Spec Fire (Also a Disc & Prot warrior) Multipov, you can leave this out if you only want mage povs
    Siegecrafter Blackfuse 25HC

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    Field Marshal Zikito's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    Heroic Garrosh Hellscream
    10m Zikito's Fire PoV:

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    Grats Zikito!

    Heroic Thok the Bloodthirsty
    25m DeathDefier's Fire PoV:

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    Updated - My stream as of last night is now 25m heroics (arcane POV). 3 top 10m guilds on my server merged. 9/14hm after the first night, hoping to clear out thok by end of week as 25m.

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    Character name & Guild: Razeer <Indestructible> - US-Kel'thuzad
    Stream (Monday-Wednesday 8PM-12AM CST):
    Spec: Arcane/Frost

    Indestructible is currently 11/14 25 man Heroic. All of our heroic kills are saved as highlights on my stream and posted on YouTube. Can't post links yet =/
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    Thumbs up Siegecrafter 25man Heroic

    Siegecrafter 25M Heroic as Fire Mage on assembly line dual PoV with rogue

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    come enjoy the good music, and watch the godgatti do mechanics almost flawlessly. although my dps was lower that it was on most attempts
    #1 fire mage US. u mirin'?
    "Aaah ah ah ah ah ah ah yea, f*ck me, ah, f*ck, aah yeah"
    - Jenna Jameson

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    I just started streaming and could use some tips if anyone wants to stop by. I'll most likely be playing my mage in the main run now and since we are on farm it will only be Tuesday and Wednesday.

    Kams <Duality> 25H 7:30pm - 12:30am EST, Sunday - Thursday:

    If you could add that to the front post when you get the time.
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    My stream is back up using OBS

    Mastamagee US-Elune 25m H SoO 7/14H
    Wed, Thurs, Sunday 8-11pm EST
    Arcane Mage PoV

    Come watch if you can handle 80s rock!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Minimemage View Post
    He's finally down.

    Garrosh 10 Heroic, Arcane
    Excellent video of both the strengths (single target dps, nice aoe) and weaknesses of arcane (dying because you were trying to hug your RoP at the end).

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    I don't play much anymore. I'll occasionally update this.

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    To be honest, I was trying to keep the deterred hunter and cloaked rogue inside my malice ring by not moving too fast, but didn't react fast enough (ginvis) to the bombard. Garr was too far away anyways for me to dps! RoP didn't come into it really, I just brain farted trying to do two things at once.

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    We did a 10 man last week and I recorded some of it. Here is Heroic Paragons. It's my favorite boss of the tier! watch me get bad combusts. I wish I got Siegecrafter saved but my stream wasn't set to have stuff saved :\

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