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    Which boss should we do next?

    So, we are currently 7/14 with 2 more raid nights this week. We're on Nazgrim, but I heard the fight is really easy, so I don't think we'll be on him all that long. As far as understand it, Malkorok, Thok, and Spoils are open-ended meaning you can do them in any order. My question for you guys is: Which boss should we tackle first?

    A little background for us: We wiped on Galakras a total of 25 times last week making him the hardest boss for us. We came in with another two of our dps acquiring their legendary cloaks and we one shot it yesterday. We then 2 shot Juggernaut, and 3 shot Dark Shaman. So, what I gather is, that we are very good at executing mechanics, but our dps is somewhat lacking. So, which boss puts more focus on mechanics than dps?

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    Anyone got any advice?

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    The only 'choice' you have is going left to Blackfuse or right to Spoils->Thok. Start with Spoils when you get to that part.

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    To be honest I'm not sure of the order you can do them in. If you can indeed choose between the 3 from easiest to hardest:
    Spoils > Malk >>>>>>>>> Thok

    Spoils has a dps element check in it but meeting it comes from opening crates smartly.
    Malkorok is a good mechanics fight. The enrage phase it quite scary and has a high healing check there.
    Thok is a big step up from either of those two in my books. It's not huge on mechanics but you need to execute well, it also has a high number requirement.

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