Thread: T15 4P or not..

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    T15 4P or not..

    Question I have is this.. Currently I have:

    Would it be an upgrade to use the T15 LFR Tier helm to gain the 4p?

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    Which spec are you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Designate View Post
    Which spec are you?
    He's elemental.

    It's a hard call cause thats a huge stat lose let alone the itemization on the helm your currently have. Hate to say it but the best bet would be to sim it and see what comes out on top. Just gonna give my best estimate and say its not worth it at the moment. Especially with flex and the new LFR, you'll most likely be breaking it anyway. Although 2p T15 isnt that bad especially for AOE. For example it was about 4.7% or 9.4 million worth of my damage on heroic Galakras (Not Heroics are still showing as normal) Logs:
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