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    Do Morning raiding guilds exist?

    Looking to move to a PvE realm, and was wondering if anyone knows of any guilds that raid early in the day. Like done with 2-3 hour raid before 2pm(EST). Basically a guild that raids while all the kids are in school, as mine are untill a little after 2
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    I wish i could do the same...

    I train personal trainer hours..

    5am to 11am (PST) and 4pm to - 8 Pm (PST)

    I run a training business and have some things to do to grow my business but miss raiding..

    I havent done any raiding for panda.

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    Im sure there should be some morning raiders, but you may have to be clever about how you find them. Consider finding a guild based in another country who operates on different hours. For example-- a friend used to raid with an Australian guild--it was evening for them, but for him it was really early in the morning.

    edit: I also understand that on the wow community site, there are some guild recruitment forums with posts about their hours--that could help too http: //us.battle.net/wow/en/
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    Yes. Find an Aussie guild. I used to raid with people that could only play mornings when it was 8pm here. Much the same with Aussies joining an American guild to raid mornings.

    If you are American but you will be given all the timing jobs because you will have 200/300ms less then Aussies.
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    AUS/NZ guild would work if you don't mind raiding early morning, but around noon or early afternoon is a bit more tricky as that's around 4-6 am for the Australian timezones. You're probably better off looking for a daytime raiding guild in the US.

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    Check out Proudmoore.

    Theres a very strong Australian and US mix there. They might have something.

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    My play time coincides with yours Mirthen, can't send you a PM so send me one if you wish. Or add my btag Cyrops#1853, and anyone else for that matter. My play time is 11am-5pm EST (8am - 2pm PST) or somewhere around there.
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    Can only urge you to find aussie guilds. Probably the best option
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    Why not open a thread like on your realm subforum on the WoW forum. You might get an answer.

    You can also go online in the morning hours and ask around if people know a a guild with morning raids.

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    Not to pimp the opposition, but look up Offtime on Terenas US.

    They claim to be the number 1 US morning guild going. From the times you suggest, I wouldn't say raid with Aussies unless you want to get up real early. The US based player with kids we have with us has to duck out around 9PM our time to get the kids off to school, and we raid until 10.30. A NZ guild would probably offer good times though, but I can't imagine there are heaps of those.

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    A NZ guild would probably offer good times though, but I can't imagine there are heaps of those.
    Not unless you find one raiding really late. Noon EDT is 4am in New Zealand.

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