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    Hunter: Quiver instead of Cloak

    I know most of you don't want other items, especially if class-unique.
    But a cloak is pretty senseless on an hunter. Wouldn't be lovely to see hunters wear quivers instead?
    At least we won't see more huntards needing casters' cloaks

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    I'd rather have both. But not only quiver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amirila View Post
    I'd rather have both. But not only quiver.
    Have to agree with Amirila.

    And I doubt Blizzard would return to making items used specifically by one class outside of legendaries, anyways. I'd rather have a quiver on my back/ammo pouch on my belt for a bow or crossbow/gun (respectively) along with my cloak as a cosmetic look.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amirila View Post
    I'd rather have both. But not only quiver.
    Agreed, I love cloaks, And quivers aren't bad either, so i rather have both and if not then i rather have the cape.
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    I loved the look of my cloak when I was able to transmog it too the Violet Tower cloak which went great with my Dragonstalker hunter gear but alas due to my new Legendary Cloak I can not mog it...sigh

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    Both worked fine when they used to have them. I still have never understood why they removed the graphic to begin with.
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    as a seperate item? no.
    each bow / xbow should have it's own unique quiver model that goes with it
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    Cloaks make more sense on hunters than on any other class, but I do wish they were heavy fur and folded around the sides instead of useless pieces of cloth. Just look at the vanilla intro cinematic. Cloaks like that dwarf is wearing.
    I don't think this matters nearly as much as you think it does.

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    legolas had both the quiver and the cloak

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricirich91 View Post
    At least we won't see more huntards needing casters' cloaks
    I haven't seen that since Wrath. The only time a hunter can do that is pre-BC and loot at that point is meh anyway.

    I'd love to see quivers, though. And ammo return.

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    Removing Cloak would ruin my "ranger" look. But I do want the return of quivers. Ghostcrawler has said more than once that they are working on bringing quivers back.

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    I wouldn't mind quivers.
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    I voted no. I don't want one or the other, I want both.
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    Why not have both?

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    I would love to have Quivers back, i mean they where In vanila and TBC

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    IMO if you equip a bow you should graphically have a quiver that comes with it. Not an item, but a visual that you can toggle on and off.

    Replacing the cloak slot would be annoying. Oh a hunter quiver dropped again, DE. gg imagine the 10man rage.
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    Quivers sit at your hip, not on your back - don't believe the movies :P So yes, hunters should have quivers at their waist and paladins a libram. I "hope" Blizzard have considered this while designing the new char models since including an extra geoset at this stage is gonna be less work than adding it later.

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    Would be cool, though my hunter uses a gun.

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