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    After I tryed solo with prot specc first time after 5.4 hit it where so hard couldnt really keep up with all the adds hitting me with so low vengeance and couldnt keep myself up 550ilvl gear.

    Saw this vid and went ret and it was so easy
    talents [Eternal Flame] [Sanctified Wrath] [Execution Sentence] Glyphs
    Glyphs: [Divine Prot] [Mass Exorcism] [Divine Storm] (Probobly easyer to skip DivProt and get WoG)

    P1: stay in SoT and singletarget LK and nuked horror when they got up, only DS when i needed health (the cloak killed all the ghouls)
    P2: Stayed in SoI had to WoG to mutch.
    P3: swaped to SoI in the frostmourne room and swapped back to SoT after I healed up from the spirits hitting me.
    Transition1/2: SoI and just stay in middle without a problem and burst spirits and judge icespears
    Had alittle more then 5min when i got him to 10% with 549 ret gear only ToT gear.

    Thank you monoroth

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    Yeah I managed this yesterday after a few hours (casual pulls). ilvl of around 535ish although I do have a hc ToT weapon. bear in mind this is my OS so my gear was kind of all over the place.
    I did not get stam scroll or the drum of kings (none on my server >_>) but I did get the new heroism one which was helpful.
    I also ran EF and Divine Purpose.

    P1: SoT and cleaved down the add.
    Transition: Had to focus heavily on adds as the silence had a tendency to fuck me over.
    P2: SoI as I found he hit too hard in this phase.
    Transition: Same as above
    P3: SoT outside the frostmourne room, but I put SoI when inside and for when I came outside to be safe. I also switched to this when cleaving down the spirits.

    I finished the fight right as he beserked. Could easily have handled the fight better though, made a few mistakes and didn't have all buffs.

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    Just did the fight as ret with ~550 ilvl, about 4mins or so left on berserk when I got him to 10%...
    I was being careless rolling SoT and EF, wiped a couple of times to infest, so I just stayed in SoI the whole time, using EF where needed.
    P1: Swapped to the horror, cleaving off it onto LK
    transition: Stayed on LK, cleaving the adds off him. Was using EF frequently here to keep my hp up
    P2: Same as transition, keeping LK targeted, cleaving the adds down, keeping EF up when silence dropped.
    transition: Same as first
    P3: Essentially same as P2, swapped to finish off the raging spirits quickly though to ensure i could cast heals during the vile spirits

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    well so much for eternal flame. with a 50% nerf i'm assuming SS/SoI is the way to go here.

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    I tryed this week with EF and using SoT for almsot whole fight I had no problems. Nerf to EF is only by 25% plus on top of that you have 30% more healing from ICC buff so all in all you shouldn't see a big diff if you used EF before.

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    Yeah, even with the EF nerf it is still very much doable.

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    Sorry if this is necro, but I found this guide last week and tried it out today and I must say that it worked really well.
    Had 557 ilvl with legendary cloak and worked really well. Had approx 5min to beserk when he casted fury of frostmourne, thumbs up! And thanks for the good guide =)

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