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    Immerseus add healing

    Hey guys,

    We are currently trying Immerseus 10 HC and i need some tips on healing the adds. I have mouse over macros and my rotation on is:
    - Eternal flame with 3 hp
    - Holy shock
    - Flash of light
    - If i get Infusion of light to proc i cast Divine Light

    I tried both execution sentence and holy prism. However i am well bellow the Holy priest on add healing. I am about 30-50% off his healing done on adds.

    I havent tried placing beacon for extra HP generation on adds nor using cds since i saved them for topping up the raid when boss reforms.

    Any tips would be appreciated. I feel like i am missing something vital. Should i use my Holy avenger there and just spam shock/radiance and eternal flame? How do u guys heal this?
    And how many adds do u manage to heal?

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    Purified Residue
    Upon reaching full health, a Contaminated Puddle releases Purified Residue, restoring 25% mana to allies within 12 yards and increasing healing done by 75%. This effect stacks.
    If I had to guess, I'd say this is what you're missing.

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    I'd agree with Daerio, I usually try to get a 3 power EF on one right off the bat (have 5 ready for when they land) get a shock and a prism off on another and then 3 hp EF it. then turn around and unload on the now slowed first one. Keep close to both as they top off (12 yd range on the buff) then you can speed of light over and heal another one or two up quickly or even help your other healer top one off

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    glyph of beacon + glyph of flash of light. Should be getting at least 2 easily, 3-4 is possible with buffs.

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    Thank you.I was already getting the buff from 1 but they always seem to be spread far away from each other(we only got the boss to 50% so not that many adds) and i rarely god a 2nd buff to stack on that.

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