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    Prot pallys - Fusion fire core Quick Q

    Hey all well after doing flex in hope for Tier, i managed to gran Fusion Fire Core Trinket- Garbage i know but i was thinking of trying to use it on some fights or solo encounters, anyway after dpsing a dummie for 5 minutes it's cleave effect never proc'd once, the str proc did but not the cleave, anyone else got this issue? Does it just not proc for tanks ?

    EDIT: My bad i should of posted this in the paladin forum... Silly me still on Raid and dungeons.

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    Its a cleave trinket. It doesnt damage the initial target, only the targets around it. So it doesnt actually target the dummy either.

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    Not sure if it's the same thing, but I have the Immerseus caster trinket on an alt and no matter what I do, the int proc just wont go off if I'm spec'd Disc, even though it doesn't specifically state that it's dps only like the cooldown reduction trinkets do.

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