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    Proving Yourself: Endless Tank as a Prot Warrior too difficult?

    Anyone else having a very difficult time trying to reach wave 30+? I find it nearly impossible as a prot warrior after putting plenty of hours of effort into this...

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    Only time I have a problem is when I'm still fighting 1 wave then another comes in. I'M LOOKING AT YOU TRIPLE WIND MANTID BROS.

    Disarm is a viable cd for one of them, then you kind of just need to chain whatever you have to not die. o_O

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    I've been banging my head against this as well. I changed to bladestorm and it seemed to help dps-wise in a crowd. Made sure SB is up before you hit it though. Shockwave is arguably much more valuable for the stun.

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    I haven't found it too difficult (got to wave 34 the first try with non-working helm meta, did no more attempts since then) - make sure to charge and jump around a lot and only use mitigation when mobs are actually in your range.
    Shockwave feels like a must-have (also to reset the bunny dot) and big CDs need to be timed correctly - HI MANTID BROS (strange that they are just an "intermediate" wave).

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    Don't forget that intimidating shout can buy you a few precious moments as well. Numerous occasions fear has saved my life..

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    I'll just copy paste the same guide I put on WoWhead, it worked for me, died at wave 31 because after 16h I finally got to wave 30 so I blew all my defensives I had left to make sure I wouldn't lose on the last wave.

    "Protection Warrior guide

    Info; had about 463k hp, 52% mastery (Mastery build is really recommended here as a lot of damage is physical), make sure you have 7.5% hit and expertise.
    Talents: Double Time, Impending Victory, Piercing Howl, Shockwave, Vigilance, Storm Bolt
    Glyphs: Heavy Repercussions, Enraged Speed, Death From Above, Intimidating Shout (minor)

    Note: As of September 18th 2013, Sikari's Crackling Jade Thunderstorm now has a chance to break your Intimidating Shout. Keep this in mind when Intimidating Shout is recommended in the guide below!

    Wave 1: Large Illusionary Wind-Guard, Large Illusionary Ripper
    The first wave is fairly easy. You should be able to survive this wave with the use of Shield Block. You can use Shockwave, but I recommend you to use it in the first 20 seconds as you want it to be ready for the next wave.

    Wave 2: Large Illusionary Forager x4, Small Illusionary Forager x4
    Midfight spawns: Small Illusionary Ambusher x2
    You want to be moving to their spawning point at the end of wave 1. The moment they spawn, open with a Thunder Clap followed by a Shockwave. Then run to the opposite side of the room (straight line). Wait there until the mobs get close to you, then charge the monkey that spawns next to you. Use an intimidating shout to fear the monkey and some of the virmen. Then you want to run away from the feared mobs (I moved past three barricades). Then wait for the mobs to stack on you, shockwave them. (Note: if you kited right, you should be near the circle where they initially spawned from), charge the monkey that's attacking your healer at this point and keep on running to the wall. By the time the virmen catch up, the small ones have died and the large ones drop dead.

    Wave 3: Large Illusionary Flamecaller x2, Large Illusionary Ripper x2
    Make sure you stand on one of the two spawning spots and open with a Thunder Clap so you can pick up the melee add and caster that spawn on that side. Charge the melee add on the other side and bring both the melee adds to the caster on that side. Shockwave all of them, heroic leap back to the place you started wave 3. Position yourself in such a way that the two Rippers stand in the lava after they've made their way to you. Use Spell Reflect and/or Storm Bolt to mitigate damage from the casters. Other than that, rotate between Shield Block and Shield Barrier.

    Wave 4: Small Illusionary Conqueror, Large Illusionary Wind-Guard
    Midfight spawn: Large Illusionary Ambusher
    This wave isn't much of a problem. Just make sure you avoid the stuns from the conquerors. The monkey will spawn near the end of the enrage on the conqueror. This will allow you to focus on dodging his stuns and staying alive, taunt the monkey when it's close to the healer and then shockwave all three adds. Depending on which mob gets dps'd after, you might take one of them into wave 5. Just keep up shield block the entire time and you should be fine.

    Wave 5: Small Illusionary Flamecaller, Small Illusionary Ripper x2
    Midfight spawns: Small Illusionary Ambusher x3
    Make sure you end wave 4 on the circle these mobs spawn upon. Open with a Thunder Clap and, if needed, use Shockwave or Intimidating Shout. Personally I like to save these to stun the mobs inside a firepool so they stack the debuff. Other than that, pick up the monkeys and you should be fine. Keep Shield Block up and Spell Reflect/Storm Bolt the caster.

    Wave 6: Large Illusionary Wind-Guard x3
    This is one of the more annoying waves for a warrior. The way I dealt with it was by opening with a Thunder Clap and Shockwave the moment they got close to the healer. Make sure you have Shield Block up before you engage them, or their initial attacks might hurt a lot. After this, just keep up Shield Block. Once your first Shockwave stun ends, drop a Mocking Banner next to Sikari. Whenever one of these mobs switches, they'll instantly come back to you. Now it's just a matter of kiting them a bit. If you keep some distance between you and Sikari, you'll have two of them on you most of the time. Keep up Shield Block. When you have two of them left, Storm Bolt one, disarm the other. At most you want to use Demoralizing Shout here. Start moving the spot where Wave 7 spawns.

    Wave 7: Small Illusionary Conqueror, Small Illusionary Forager x4
    You want to open with a Thunder Clap to stack everything up, then instantly Shockwave. Move to the middle of the room, once the mobs are stacked up on you again, use Initmidating Shout. As soon as the fear runs out, make sure you are at a bit of a distance from the mobs, allowing you to buy some time for Shockwave to be back. Once the conqueror enrages, pop shield wall and use Vigilance on Sikari. Spam taunt the two Wind-Guards, or they might overwhelm Sikari. One of them should die shortly after this, you'll end up taking either a wind-guard or a conqueror to the next wave.

    Wave 8: Small Illusionary Flamecaller
    Midfight spawns: Large Illusionary Ambusher x3, Small Illusionary Ambusher
    Sikari will end the conqueror rather fast. Position yourself in such a way behind a fire pool, that you can taunt monkeys that are in the middle of the room in such a way they'll stand in the fire pool once they reach you. If you fail to do so, Sikari won't have enough dps to clear everything before this wave ends and then it might get ugly in wave 9.

    Wave 9: Small Illusionary Wind-Guard x2, Large Illusionary Ripper x2, Small Illusionary Ripper
    Midfight spawns: Small Illusionary Ambusher x2
    You want to open this fight with a Thunder Clap into a Shockwave. As soon as the Shockwave runs out, Intimidating Shout. As soon as the fear runs out, make sure you have the rage for 2x Shield Block, use Demoralizing Shout and wait for Shockwave to be ready. Once it's ready, instantly use it. Then follow it up by dropping a Mocking Banner and from this point on, just survive. Personally I used Shield Wall the moment they got out of the Shockwave. Kite them around a bit and they will die.

    Wave 10: Large Illusionary Conqueror, Large Illusionary Flamecaller
    Midfight spawns: Large Illusionary Ambusher
    Pick up the conqueror, then go for the caster. At this point wait for the first stun from the conqueror, dodge it and position yourself behind a pool, so when he comes for you he gets the debuff. Keep an eye on the caster as well. Try to keep it stunned, feared, or reflect the incoming spells. Sikari sometimes goes for the caster first, sometimes for the conqueror. When the conqueror enrages, watch your step. His stuns have a bigger radius at this point, so make sure you dodge it or it will hurt. Use Last Stand and Demoralizing Banner to live through it. When his enrage ends, the monkey will spawn. Pick up the monkey and try to debuff him as well. At this point it's just a matter of properly using Shield Block. Disarm / Storm Bolt whenever the situation looks a bit scary.

    If you have any questions, just give me a whisper!
    Marty-Sylvanas (Alliance EU)"

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    I prefer Safeguard over vigilance considering the short cool down and the movement utility. Half as long and at 33% of the damage reduction for a quarter of the CD (lasts 6 seconds 20% damage reduction and 30 second CD) PLUS soaking one hit seems overall more useful when things get hectic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dhiem View Post
    I prefer Safeguard over vigilance considering the short cool down and the movement utility. Half as long and at 33% of the damage reduction for a quarter of the CD (lasts 6 seconds 20% damage reduction and 30 second CD) PLUS soaking one hit seems overall more useful when things get hectic.
    Taking safeguard replaces intervene, which already has the movement utility and hit soak built in. I personally take MSR to reflect more pyroblasts from ranged mobs as I usually don't leave anything on the healer.

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