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    A Raid Leader's Request

    Greetings Resto Druids Community!

    I'm Xirek, a leader of a humble Normal content (occasionally borderline HC) clearing guild over at a backwater low key server. I have the pleasure of having some fantastically talented healers on my team for the last few years, and together we've cleared many a Raid tier. I'd go so far as to say that our awesome heals team is the secret weapon against encounters that we might have struggled with otherwise!

    You may ask yourself, "Well if they're so good, why the hell are you in our Forum then?" Fair enough. The answer is pretty simple, at this stage in the game they seem to have reached a bit of a plateau. They put in a certain level of effort, and they get consistent good results. But we're always trying to figure out what's the missing piece to the puzzle that could unlock great. In particular this time though, I'm looking for a real master/mistress at Restoration Druid.

    Is there anyone out there, who might be willing to discuss advanced level Resto analysis, theorycrafting and play improvement? I'd sincerely appreciate any perspective that could be gained from learning from the experts at their class. Respect for all Trees out there, I've tanked and protected many of your kind, so I'm hoping maybe some karma will come back to grant me some good luck here?

    Thanks in advance all,

    P.S Either PM or direct response to the post can work. Flames on the other hand will not as being a Prot Warrior I will simple Shield Barrier and move on.

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    Honestly read the Resto Druid sticky. Lots of good information in the most recent version.

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    Go round the blogs too there is alot of good stuff there.

    Also Good clean UI with helpful addons helps alot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zanthos View Post
    Also Good clean UI with helpful addons helps alot.
    Emphasis on clean. Get something to hide all those HoT tick numbers, as they're just blocking your view of the battle.
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