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    Sha of Pride 10M normal

    I'm usually not terribly happy with the strategy guides for raids - they're more geared towards the heroic raiders, and their strategies can often push a normal raider to far and cripple their performance. So, since we're probably a slightly above-average normal "progression" guild (3/14 first week), I figured I'd offer my observations on the Sha of Pride fight.

    We went 2 tanks/3heals/5dps

    We start with the two tanks on one side, and everyone else stacked on the other side. In 10-man he always uses the same prisons and the same locks, so the healer/dps pile was right next to that prison (our left facing the entrance). The two tanks unlock the front prison, and we assigned dps to hit the locks on the back prison.

    First up was the reflections. The key here was to stay tightly stacked (literally inside each other) until the swirls form. Then we take 2-3 steps to get out of the AE, misdirect them to the tanks, and stack back up. The tanks had no problem AEing them all down in plenty of time, and the extra vengance helps out. If you don't have a hunter, try to have a tank grab all of them.

    Then, the big add. He spawns in the back of the room, directly behind our dps pile. We assigned 2 DPS to take him out. For this you want bursty dps with a stun or silence (not just an interrupt). We used a warlock & hunter and this add was never a problem. Everyone else stays on the boss.

    For the prison you should be stacked 2 feet away. Just step over to hit the marks and back to the stack point. We sorta coordinated who was going to move, but since it was literally only 2 steps it didn't hurt dps to have 2-3 people move. The tanks free the other person - they just slide over at the right time while tanking. Some people can hit cooldowns while imprisoned, but we were down to one tick once we had a few runs in.

    Finally, Swelling Pride. If you have the mechanics down no one should have to move for the first two casts, so stay stacked and hit a healing cooldown. On the third cast you'll probably have one person at 25+, and on the 4th+ you probably just need to spread out.

    Once you get into the low 30% on his health, have someone dispel all the dots. This helps a lot for the final burn, and the added pride is will get wiped before it matters.

    Under 30% just keep doing what you're doing. All the same mechanics still happen, so continue with the same routines. You'll probably have to spread on every swelling pride even though you got reset at 30%.

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    We did mainly the same, but with two small diferences:

    1. Front prison is freed by tanks. Current tanking one takes nearer tile while non tanking one takes rear one.
    2. On small ads i just holy prism one of the team and half the ads come to me. They kill half and tanks kill the other half.

    To me it was fairly easier than Norushen, wich have a tight enrage if things not done properly.

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    We don't have the tanks worry about the reflection adds and just burn em down with AoE. They don't hit hard enough that healing was an issue. Otherwise our strat is pretty similar. Also, after 30% we just have our healers freely dispel the debuff and deal with the the Swelling Pride mechanics. He should die long before healers hit 100. If your healers are on top of their dispels, your raid should remain clear of them for the first 70% of the fight.

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    As a Resto shaman on the small adds, I just drop a a Capacitor Totem before they spawn. The 5s AoE stun usually prevents any damage before they're dead. If not, our Fury warrior uses Dragon Roar

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    The only other thing we found is nice is to handle swelling pride exactly like reflections once people are over 25. Aka, stay stacked up tight, and when the cast goes off run away. By doing this all the void zones are in one spot so people are less likely to accidentally run into each others.

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    I'm not sure I agree with 3 healers. I healed this fight this week and healing is very much my OS. I was geared about 535 for it and the damage is pretty low but most importantly it's predictable.

    The only part that is remotely stressful is the sub 30% burn but you have BL for that and you can save most cooldowns too.

    Also, vengeance now has diminishing returns with a lot of mobs so getting the tank to pick up all the adds seems like a waste. If you stun them on the spot it takes all of 2 GCD's to destroy them.

    Finally, I'm not sure why you don't like the guides, Evrelia's guide said pretty much what yours did. Mechanics don't (or shouldn't) change whether you are top notch or average.

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    It's definitely a 2 heal fight, there's barely anything to heal before 30%, and you can rotate raid cooldowns after that to help out.
    The tanks can deal with a prison alone, no need to have a dps move over there.

    Having the tank pick up adds also seems like a waste. Just aoe stun them and they should die in 3-5 seconds if they're nicely clumped.

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