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    why I can't root for Blood Legion

    I was just curious because I had heard stories about the raid environment. How could you root for a guy like this to win at anything?

    SMH. I love to compete, (and I recognize the video I posted isn't a progression vid) but that is straight up verbal abuse.

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    Nerds being nerds. I don't see the big deal, this guy probably flips out over getting onions on his hamburger at mcdonalds when he said no onions too.

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    That's not even his guild. Rigg only acts like that when the other person has an attitude and doesn't take responsibility for what they did.

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    I like how ignorant that guy yelling is.

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    How can you root for a guy like this?

    PS: All guild leaders are leaders for a reason.
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    Lmfao and hes "dawg" "homie g" this guy is the ultimate clown.

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    ya alot of people hate blood legion for that reason. personally i find it hilarious when a new race happens and blood legion is #1 for day 1 while euro servers are down, then they come back and beat them.

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    That's how a raid leader needs to be at times.
    Although I couldn't take him seriously with a lion on his head.
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    I like Rigg. Calling people out for shitty play should happen more (outside of LFR)
    If you're at that level, you should expect to be called out for causing a wipe.
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    They are sponsored and this is serious business for them... any guild that has a chance at world 1st gets pissed when people make mistakes. If you can't root for them, don't root for anyone. They all raid insane amounts, upwards of 120 hours a week at times, it's not a game to them.

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    I thought this was common knowledge, cursing and verbal abuse are the standard for their raids. The cursing during their Blizzcon raid challenge livestream 2 years ago is what made them internet heroes to alot of kids here in the first place.

    Meh, who are we to judge, if they like raiding like that good for them.

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    Shit happens. This guy is in the position he's in for a reason. You can criticize all you want, but put in his position you'd be guaranteed to fail if you tried to be friends with everybody all the time. I guarantee you every single high-end raiding guild has had at least one similar incident in the past year, the higher you go, the more likely it is.

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    He might be ignorant and seem like an angry person but look where he is. Leader of one of the top raid teams in the world, sponsored by multiple companies and likely being paid to play and getting free computer gear. He's arguably one of the most famous WoW players and couldn't give 2 shits if someone hates him. Do you honestly think any top world guild would be where they are today without some discipline? Just because most guilds don't stream their rage like Rigg does (because he doesn't care) doesn't mean they don't rage too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sebsmash View Post
    Nerds being nerds. I don't see the big deal, this guy probably flips out over getting onions on his hamburger at mcdonalds when he said no onions too.
    This made me LOL because I don't get pissed when it comes to WoW, but I HATE getting onions on my burger especially at McDonalds

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    Rigg is awesome imo. Great raid leader!

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    The only reason people watch rigg on twitch is too see him burst a blood vessel lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevecow View Post
    How can you root for a guy like this?

    PS: All guild leaders are leaders for a reason.
    This is a fabrication. Dear Leader Method is infallible. Glorious EU guild is infallible.

    (ankh, asshole!)

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    I agree completely. Saw another video of him doing challenge modes with his guild and he was hurling abuse at his guildmates from about a minute into the video. I totally can't fathom why anyone would want to play with this guy. If he blows his lid to that extent in something trivial like a CM run, I can't imagine what he's like when they're pushing for world firsts.

    I seriously feel sorry for the Blood Legion guys having to endure being in vent with this loser for hours and then probably only getting second place hc. Garosh.

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    They're blood legion, a world first guild you probably need thick skin and can take harsh criticism when raiding with them they wouldn't be where they're at if they don't call people out and yell at them.

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    Isn't there a point where self respect comes into play and you say, "Fuck this I'm out go fuck yourself" and leave?
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