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    A tale of two Draenei.

    With the Draenei coming back into focus, I had a little story kicking around in my head, or rather an idea for one, that I would like to see incorporate into their story when the inevitable Legion expansion does show up.

    This is gonna be a long post, folks, please be patient enough to read it.
    Please also note that all of the following takes place in Universe B, as we understand it to exist in Warlords of Draenor. (For the sake of you not having died 25,000 years ago)

    Imagine for a moment, you're a young Eredar on Argus. You've met your first love, and you just know that this is the love of your life! YAY happy times! You are convinced that this Eredar you've fallen in love with will be with you through anything the universe can throw at you, and life is fantastic.

    One day, your people are visited by the dark titan Sargeras, Two of your leaders, KIl'Jaeden and Archimonde decide that the fate of your people is to become part of the Burning Legion. So begins the transformation of the Eredar into demons.

    During the mass conversion of Eredar into demons, you are unwilling to join them, unable to find your dear lover, you take refuge with the one remaining uncorrupted leader of the Eredar, He who would later be known as The Prophet Velen. When the darkness has nearly come upon you, Velen informs all his remaining Eredar that you still have a powerful and wise ally, the Naaru, and that they will give you safe passage from your doomed world.

    Your hand has been forced, and you leave Argus aboard Oshu'gun, with Kil'Jaeden hot on your tail. You have seen no sign of your lover, nor heard word of them from any other refugees. As far as you know, the love of your life is dead, or worse, transformed into a soldier of the very army that now hunts you. You swear to yourself and all that remains of your race, you will find out what happened to them.

    Over the following years, you become a devoted follower of The Light, and begin training as what will be later known as a Paladin.

    [Enter the upcoming events of WoD, and the later Burning Legion Expansion]

    Basically, the idea is that the lover of this character became a very powerful and high ranking Warlock. That lover never gave up on the hope of re-uniting with our Paladin, and finally being together. With the war in full swing, there is a very good chance that one or both of our characters may die, perhaps even killing eachother, there is some deep seeded hatred among those factions, after all. But I cling to the idea that the war would end, and they would finally be allowed their happy ending, that their love would have outlasted the great war of the universe.

    This was all just a story I've had kicking around in my head for a while, its probably FULL of holes, lore-wise, but I still would like to see something similar implemented in the game.

    - - - Updated - - -

    That typo in the title is going to drive me insane.

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    Not to be a downer, but you mean a Aysa and Ji re-hashed, eredarian style. Blizzard isn't exactly the story writer I would go to for engaging romance, and if their track records are any to show, the romance part of the stories are often relegated to a corner, and quickly resolved amidst conflicts of a greater nature, and never to talk about again - See Jaina and everyone in her freaking life sidelined by everything that is wrong with the world (the Scourge invasion, Kael'thas' defect, Theramore's bombing), Thrall and Aggra's whirlwind marriage in the backdrop of Ragnaros, Malfurion and Tyrande off-the-screen marriage (after defeating the Nightmare).

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    Would draenei even mate for life? 25,000 years is a long ass time.

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    But, its twue wuv!

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