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    What spec should I play with current gear.

    Been dabbling around in all specs, but can't seem to find the sweet spot. Looking for any/all suggestions.

    It will not let me post my armory(new member). So if you can armory: Resshin on US Arthas - Horde.

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    I would go with frost since you dont have the t15 4p for arcane or ilvl 535+ for fire.

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    The spec you're most capable of playing to a high degree and lack of error whilst having fun.

    Quote Originally Posted by Equim View Post
    I really don't see anything wrong with playing what you enjoy. Be it Frost, Fire, Arcane or Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

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    At ~ ilevel 530, fire, frost, and arcane will be about equal, so I agree with Salystra, play what you are best at and have the most fun with. Looks like you are arcane, that should be fine, just fine.

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