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    RaF/level granting

    I'm doing RaF right now and I have a question! Can the recruit account gain levels to grant even if it doesn't level with the veteran account?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Absintheminded View Post
    Yes /10chars
    Really? I was under the assumption it was levels gained together. Though reviewing the FAQ shows that there's no mention of being forced to level together, that's just the 3x EXP boost.

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    It's possible, a friend of mine leveled on his own and granted the levels for my alt later.

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    Yes, it is possible, as others have said. I would like to add one thing. The recruit account's character and the veteran account's character does need to be on the same server.

    However, you can benefit from the 3x bonus xp in cross-server groups. You just can't grant levels unless you're on the same server. How the levels were obtained by the recruit account (grouped or not) doesn't matter.

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