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    Out of the loop - what's new?

    Hello people!

    I've played WoW since 2006, but took a break in late May/June, because I had some other things I wanted to do. Now I'm renewing my time and excited to get back into the game, because despite some flaws, it's a game I have so much experience with, and so many good memories. And I still really like it.

    Anyhow, I feel really out of the loop regarding changes/updates since I last played, 3-4 months ago. I understand there is a new raid (which is also in LFR), a new island (not sure about the purpose of it) and I also believe there's heroic scenarios, but I think those came around the time I took my pause.

    What should be the first things I do in game to catch up, and what are the new things? I assume the new raid has a new coin-like thing for extra rolls, that I need to get?

    Really appreciate answers that will shed some light onto this.


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    I think mogu runes of fate replaced charms, I never used or cared for em cuz they never helped me.

    The isle of timeless is just for easy gearing your alts or your main with 496 gear that can be upgraded x2 with valor.

    I never do scenarios but heroics reward valor and epic cache box thing. There are so many ways to get valor now you will cap really fast.

    A lot of the valor gear has been switched to JP I think.

    S14 pvp gear is out.

    Probably a lot more I missed, I only came back recently too so bleh.
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    Mogu Runes of Fate replaced charms, and Warforged Seals have replaced Mogu Runes.

    Check out the new Timeless Isle: http://www.icy-veins.com/timeless-isle-wow. It's a great place to pick up 496 - 535 gear, hunt rares, and buy treasures. All the gear is also BoA, so you can send the tokens to alts to gear them up fast.

    The new LFR, Siege of Orgrimmar, requires 496 to enter. Flexible raids now exist, allowing you to queue with premade groups of 10 - 25 people to enter a scaled version between LFR and normal with all the same mechanics as normal (so it's not the LFR snoozefest).

    Heroic scenarios require a premade 3man group and are quite difficult so it's recommended unless you outgear it (520+) you should bring at least a tank or a healer.

    JP/VP reg gear of yesteryear is now JP only with rep requirements removed but there is no new VP gear. Instead, VP is used to upgrade your gear.

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