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    What makes you go back

    All i want to know is when ur harcore into pvping what brings you back to pve,....same with pve what has to be going wron to make you goback to pvp so easily...or maybe u only do one of them and keep it that way...

    for me itd be i always pvp but when a raid that i really think is good lore wise ill do it for a while..like SoO now...kill garrosh...yes

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    For the most part I'm always a PvE player, but there do come some months when I will just solid PvP and do nothing else, it heavily depends on whether I'm enjoying the character in PvP to a great degree, not sure what sparks the addiction, but I tend to burn myself out after a month or two and then resume PvE.

    Having said that, I'm not above doing the odd random Battleground when the mood takes me, I think I often find that PvP balance is too precarious for me to invest any serious ammount of time into it.
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