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    Boomkin in search of help...

    Hello fellow Lazer-Chickens,

    I've been playing Boomkin since we required a feral staff to regen mana :P I've usually been able to stay on the high end of the DPS meters, but it seems that after going into ToT, and now in SoO, I am stagnating, and slowly falling behind. I'm doing 150-170k DPS, with a 543 iLevel, and I feel I should be doing a lot more as I'm always at the bottom of the meters...

    My armory is us(dot)battle(dot)net/wow/en/character/gorefiend/Cheksmix/simple
    And WoL is www(dot)worldoflogs(dot)com/guilds/133631/

    I'm using the solar opener, and just switched over to DoC. Previously I've been using Inc/Hotw. I want to know why I'm doing so bad! As far as I'm aware of I am doing everything correctly. I really need the help since I am competing for my raid spot on a nightly basis! Thank you!

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    Please halp!

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    From the looks of it you could do a little better in the reforging area. I suggest using Askmrrobot's new ingame addon, you'll have to import your character from the website but from there everything will be laid out ingame for you and made very simple. Just remember to switch the haste cap to a manual 10298 instead of the much lower one they have set on there and then optimize and export/import into the addon ingame. Doing this could yield 4-500 more offstat. It may tell you to gem for expertise but don't worry it works!

    From what I can quickly see without spending a ton of time on WoL I would suggest researching better talents for the fights. You can see some suggestions in this thread: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...er-fight-(SoO)

    A ton of people will for progression sake tell you that HotW traq is too good to pass up if you need it. They are correct in saying that but only if your healers need to use you as a huge cooldown. If you time HotW traq with NG+Meta and if hero is available it becomes the strongest raid healing CD in the game. But if your soul purpose in raids is to provide your top dps than I would change a few talents per fight with the following; *Note that these are all for normal kills*
    Inc/DoC for everything except; Thok, Malkorok, Iron Jug. For those fights I would personally use FoN/HotW. Min/amxing FoN is pretty easy once you get used to it. But after your opener I would only use use FoN when NG+Meta are up and if you're about to get your 3'rd charge use 1 of them and continue waiting for NG+Meta unless its towards the end of the fight.

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