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    what enchants do i use on my weapons as enhancement?

    is it dancing steel on both or just one or?
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    Dancing Steel on both. You can have them proc at the same time.

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    The best set is to do Dancing Steel on both weapons. Now keep in mind, if you are just starting to gear up and theres a big chance that you´ll upgrade the weapon you have right now, Windsong is a solid choice too and its way cheaper.

    My advice, wait until you are sure that the weapon you are enchanting is going to be used plenty. Dropping several thaousand gold on an enchant thats going to be used for 2 or 3 weeks aint worth it imo. And remember, Dancing Steel is better but Windong is not that far behind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onslaught49 View Post
    is it dancing steel on both or just one or?
    Elemental Force is still decent, it's worth ~2K DPS on average (according to recount on a target dummy) depending on your haste & mastery, since its damage scales with mastery and frequency scales with haste. It also can proc off any melee attack including SS, LL and Windfury plus your spells like LB and any of the shocks. EB on one and DS on the other wouldn't be bad either.

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